Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dawn Gold from Glamour Boutique goes to Triangles Beach Birthday Bash!

Hello friends! We have a special post today from our very own, Dawn Gold. She is going to tell you a little about her experience at her latest event, Triangles.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Golden Smokey Eye

The best thing about a smokey eye is that you can choose any color you wish (1 dark & 1 light).  I am going to show you the golden smokey eye because that is my personal favorite and is PERFECT for the summer. 


·         Medium- dark brown eye shadow

·         Gold eye shadow

·        False Eye Lashes or Mascara

·         Eye shadow brush

·         Eye primer (or liquid foundation) – OPTIONAL


·         Our Medium Cosmetic Travel Kit-Cameo (Contains 26 eye shadows, 6 blushers, 2 press powder, 6 lip colors, 1 pencil eyeliner, 1 mascara & applicators)-basically, EVERYTHING you need for this sleek summer look.

1.    First prime eye lids so make-up will last throughout the day- simply add some primer or liquid foundation on your eye lids (optional).

2.    Apply your golden eye shadow over entire eyelid.

3.    Shade the outer top of your eye lid with your brown shadow (use a matte for this part, not something glittery)

4.    BLEND gold and brown WELL

5.    Now use your eye liner to line the top lid (if your eyeliner is stiff than you can heat it up for a second to allow for a smoother lining) Thinner towards the inner lid and thicker towards the outer- swipe in a upward motion when you get to the outer lid

6.    Line below the bottom lashes as well
7.  Add a little swipe of golden shadow below your bottom lashes
8.    Use the brown to shade below your bottom lashes, under the gold.
9. Apply false lashes or mascara
** REMEBER to keep it simple with your lips to avoid over doing it!
As always, thanks for stopping in... don't hesitate to ask questions!
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Friday, July 18, 2014

Choosing an Outfit for Your Body Shape

It's summertime and it’s officially HOT out! This means one thing… it’s time to show some skin and embrace your curves. Certain dresses and outfits are more flattering on specific body shapes. You want to choose an outfit that will show off your best features and hide your least favorite all at the same time.

Here is a simple guide to choosing an outfit for your body shape- 

So, what is your body type?


First of all, congratulations!! Hopefully our corsets have helped you to achieve your wonderful hourglass figure ;)
So, you ideally want to choose a dress that will hug your hips. You want to look for the ones that tie around your waist (wrap dresses) allowing the rest of the dress to flow around your hips, or something that is tight on your entire body like Kim Kardashian’s dress to the left. You don’t want a dress that is going to hang straight down and make you look boxy. Embrace those hips, don’t hide them!

Inverted Triangle:

 If you have an inverted triangle shape you probably have broad shoulders and tiny hips which you may love or hate. If you want to hide your broad shoulders than you can accentuate other parts of your body that you are fonder of, like your athletic legs for instance. Ok so what if you don’t have athletic legs? If that’s the case try an A-lined dress (this is a dress shaped like the letter A). This dress is the opposite of your body type, small at the top and wider at the bottom. This will allow your shoulders to appear narrower and your hips wider.


This means you are tall and slim, which may be a curse in your eyes but it is actually a blessing in disguise. After all, aren’t models tall and thin? A lot of people cannot wear maxi dresses because they are just not tall or slender enough, but YOU can! Try on different types of maxi dresses until you find the one that is most flattering to you.
Cameron Diaz likes to show off her legs so she usually sports a dress like the picture to the left, so it really depends on which of your body features you are the most fond of.  



Last but not least. You are more petite, which means you may be on the shorter side so going dress shopping is probably not your favorite, but there is a dress out there for you, I promise! Look for a V-neck dress with shorter sleeves, and definitely some heels! The shorter sleeves will make your shoulders appear broader which will give you more of an hourglass figure!

((Diamond figures are pretty similar to the rectangle figures and can follow the same guidelines. The same goes for oval and triangle))


Let me know how you make out and be sure to stop back in next week for our summer sleek make-up tutorial on how to achieve a Golden Smokey Eye.


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Finding a Wig for your Face Shape

Hey everyone! So, how many people struggle with finding that perfect wig, spending way too much money and time trying to figure out whether you should wear short, long, straight or curly?  Experiment no more! Today I am going to help you figure out what wig you should be wearing according to the shape of you face.

There is a method to this madness… First we need to figure out what shape your face is. Grab a mirror and trace the outline of your face with soap or your weapon of choice, and see what shape you make. Now look at the chart and choose the shape that is closest to the outline you made on your face.                                         

Now that you know your face shape, let’s get started with finding you that perfect wig! (Keep in mind the models/mannequins that are shown all have oval faces so try and focus on the wig that is shown, and not the face shape).
If you have an oval face consider yourself lucky! Oval faces can usually pull off any type of wig, being that is an ideally proportioned face shape. So, you can really wear short, long, curly, bangs, or straight, but since you have such a beautiful shaped face I suggest a style that will show that off, rather than hide it. Our Tiffany Wig, shown on the left, flows nicely around the face, showing off your oval shape. Avoid heavy bangs because this will make your face appear heavier.
If you have a round face then you probably have a rounded hairline and chin. Ideally you want a wig that elongates your face. Short hairstyles tend to make the face look rounder so go for a  medium to long length wig. Try a style that is parted to the side to off set the roundness of your face. Choose a wig that has layers like our Skye Wig that start after your chin to narrow the face. Avoid rounded  styles that end at your chin, because this will make your face look rounder where you don't want it to be. 
If your face is square that means you have a square hairline and jawline, so your goal is to elongate your face. Try a wig that is short to medium in length. You want to add some height to the top of your head, so a wig that has a little body to it along with some wispy bangs will allow your face to appear more narrow. The Jessica Wig is a great example of an ideal hair style for a square face. Avoid styles that are long and straight.
Heart  and diamond shaped faces are fairly similar and both need a fairly full hairstyle. Heart shaped faces generally have a widows peak, along with high cheek bones and a wider forehead. Look for a wig that is chin length- a bob works great. Ideally you want your forehead to appear less wide so choose a wig where the hair comes diagonally across your forehead. The Sparkle Wig is gorgeous and is very flattering on heart & diamond shaped faces.

Now that you know your face shape and  know what style of wig fits you most you can get onto the fun part… COLOR! Choose a color that will go well with your skin tone. As always, don’t hesitate if you have questions…
For your convenience, all of the wigs shown above can be found at

Thank you for reading, "Finding a Wig for your Face Shape" with Glamour Boutique



Friday, July 11, 2014

Contouring 101

Welcome everyone!!! Today I am going to take you through step-by-step on how to properly contour. Contouring is something that professional make-up artists do to narrow the      face and reduce nose size. Contouring is especially effective for men because it will add a feminine shape, but looks great on everyone. Before we start I would like to thank Rebecca for kindly suggesting our first topic… contouring! Ok, let’s get started...

Things you will need: Toner, Moisturizer, BlenderSponge, Foundation Pallet, Beard cover

Prepare first

1.      Start with a clean face (wash, tone, moisturize)

2.      Apply a primer

3.      Select a sponge to contour with (beauty blender sponge is ideal because of its shape)

-- Use the pointy edges of sponge for around eyes and nose

-- Use the flat part of sponge for applying the foundation

      4. Get out your foundation pallet (various skin tones for highlighting and shading)                                                        

Contour Next

1.      Start with your eyes & bridge of nose: Choose a shade that is lighter than your skin tone. You are now going to highlight certain features of your face. Dab the foundation with your sponge and apply under your eyes and down the bridge of your nose. You can also highlight your brow bone which will add a more feminine look.

       2.  Next you can apply your beard cover. I suggest “Mehron Auguste”- contour stick. If you have a thicker blacker beard, choose a Mehron blue contour stick- B19.  

3. Next you want to shade. This is where you have to be careful, because you don’t want to go to dark- you may have to experiment with your foundation pallet a little. Choose one shade darker than your skin tone and apply foundation to the sides of your nose (the area closest to your eyes, not the bottom of your nose) under cheek bones & around the face- Use the picture, the brown is where you should be shading. You don't want to shade too dark where you may have facial hair so you may need to try a lighter shade if it looks as though your beard has re-appeared.

4. Blend everything together so there are no lines- use a clean sponge if you have one.

5.  Set with a translucent white powder

6. Bronze cheeks. Apply blush on top of bronzer up to your temples (DON’T make it round on your cheeks like a doll) sculpt blush upwards to your temples.

7. Using a light shimmer eye shadow (typically light color powder pallets) dust small amount above cheek bones, down bridge of nose & on cupids bow (top of lip) and set with a setting spray or more translucent powder.

Ok, now go get out your color pallets, and supplies and start contouring! Keep in mind that this will not come easy, it is going to take a lot of practice. If you are still feeling uncomfortable contouring after reading this then check out a You Tube tutorial, because it is sometimes easier to actually see someone contour. Try Kandee Johnson or Scott Barnes tutorials.

Please, let me know how you guys make out, and whether you have any other questions, especially if you need advice on which products to use. Quality products are a big part of perfecting your look. 

Thank you for reading, "Contouring 101"  -K