Friday, July 18, 2014

Choosing an Outfit for Your Body Shape

It's summertime and it’s officially HOT out! This means one thing… it’s time to show some skin and embrace your curves. Certain dresses and outfits are more flattering on specific body shapes. You want to choose an outfit that will show off your best features and hide your least favorite all at the same time.

Here is a simple guide to choosing an outfit for your body shape- 

So, what is your body type?


First of all, congratulations!! Hopefully our corsets have helped you to achieve your wonderful hourglass figure ;)
So, you ideally want to choose a dress that will hug your hips. You want to look for the ones that tie around your waist (wrap dresses) allowing the rest of the dress to flow around your hips, or something that is tight on your entire body like Kim Kardashian’s dress to the left. You don’t want a dress that is going to hang straight down and make you look boxy. Embrace those hips, don’t hide them!

Inverted Triangle:

 If you have an inverted triangle shape you probably have broad shoulders and tiny hips which you may love or hate. If you want to hide your broad shoulders than you can accentuate other parts of your body that you are fonder of, like your athletic legs for instance. Ok so what if you don’t have athletic legs? If that’s the case try an A-lined dress (this is a dress shaped like the letter A). This dress is the opposite of your body type, small at the top and wider at the bottom. This will allow your shoulders to appear narrower and your hips wider.


This means you are tall and slim, which may be a curse in your eyes but it is actually a blessing in disguise. After all, aren’t models tall and thin? A lot of people cannot wear maxi dresses because they are just not tall or slender enough, but YOU can! Try on different types of maxi dresses until you find the one that is most flattering to you.
Cameron Diaz likes to show off her legs so she usually sports a dress like the picture to the left, so it really depends on which of your body features you are the most fond of.  



Last but not least. You are more petite, which means you may be on the shorter side so going dress shopping is probably not your favorite, but there is a dress out there for you, I promise! Look for a V-neck dress with shorter sleeves, and definitely some heels! The shorter sleeves will make your shoulders appear broader which will give you more of an hourglass figure!

((Diamond figures are pretty similar to the rectangle figures and can follow the same guidelines. The same goes for oval and triangle))


Let me know how you make out and be sure to stop back in next week for our summer sleek make-up tutorial on how to achieve a Golden Smokey Eye.


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