Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Golden Smokey Eye

The best thing about a smokey eye is that you can choose any color you wish (1 dark & 1 light).  I am going to show you the golden smokey eye because that is my personal favorite and is PERFECT for the summer. 


·         Medium- dark brown eye shadow

·         Gold eye shadow

·        False Eye Lashes or Mascara

·         Eye shadow brush

·         Eye primer (or liquid foundation) – OPTIONAL


·         Our Medium Cosmetic Travel Kit-Cameo (Contains 26 eye shadows, 6 blushers, 2 press powder, 6 lip colors, 1 pencil eyeliner, 1 mascara & applicators)-basically, EVERYTHING you need for this sleek summer look.

1.    First prime eye lids so make-up will last throughout the day- simply add some primer or liquid foundation on your eye lids (optional).

2.    Apply your golden eye shadow over entire eyelid.

3.    Shade the outer top of your eye lid with your brown shadow (use a matte for this part, not something glittery)

4.    BLEND gold and brown WELL

5.    Now use your eye liner to line the top lid (if your eyeliner is stiff than you can heat it up for a second to allow for a smoother lining) Thinner towards the inner lid and thicker towards the outer- swipe in a upward motion when you get to the outer lid

6.    Line below the bottom lashes as well
7.  Add a little swipe of golden shadow below your bottom lashes
8.    Use the brown to shade below your bottom lashes, under the gold.
9. Apply false lashes or mascara
** REMEBER to keep it simple with your lips to avoid over doing it!
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