Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Guide to Make-Up Brushes and Their Many Uses

Have you ever opened up a pack of makeup brushes and wonder why they give you so many similar looking brushes ? I know I have, which is why having this guide to make-up brushes and their many uses will help you remember what you should be using each brush for when getting ready to apply your make-up. The reason why they give you so many is that although they look the same they are actually all different sizes and shapes, each one serving a different purpose. Using the correct brush will make all the difference in applying your make-up.

All of the make-up brushes pictured throughout this blog are from Glamour Boutique and can be found under the make-up section of our page at

Smudger Brush
This brush has a small sponge at the end which is used for smoothing your eyeliner so it doesn't look like a blunt line. The smudger brush is also used for applying eye shadow. You will find many different shapes and sizes in eye shadow brushes. The larger ones are better for applying eye shadow.


Eye Shadow Brush
Use this brush to apply and blend in your eye shadow. This can also be used to apply shadow to the brow bone. This is a smaller eye shadow brush, but they come in many sizes. This size is good if you are applying multiple colors.

Flat Eye Liner Brush
This brush has a very fine tip allowing for easy application of liquid or gel eyeliner. This brush is precise enough to dip into any powdered color to be used to line the eye as well.

Pointy Eye Brow Brush
This brush is used to fill in any gaps that you may have in your eyebrow. The bristles are stiff allowing you to control where you apply the wax or powder to your brow.  An eyebrow wax works
best for filling in the eyebrow. You can then use this same brush in an eyebrow powder and go over the entire brow for a more natural look.

Eye Brow Comb 
Use this to shape your eyebrows. The side with the bristles are used to brush the hairs on your eye brows straight up. After you brush your brows upward you now want to use the comb part of the brush to comb them to the side. You can also use this to comb your eyelashes.

Powder Brush
You use this to apply your bronzer or setting powder. Dip this brush into your bronzer or your powder and shake off any excess before applying to face. It is a soft and full brush allowing for a light and even application.

Blush Brush
You use this to sweep blush across your cheek bones. Use an upward stroke on your cheekbones going up towards your hairline. Blend well.

 Lip Brush
This  brush has a very tiny point at the end which is used to apply your lipstick or lip gloss, and has a small enough point to also line your lips.

Foundation Sponge
Use this sponge to apply foundation and beard cover to your face. Use the pointy side for around the eyes, and brow bone and the flat sides for the rest of the face.

Need a starter Make-Up Brush Kit? This kit includes all of the brushes mentioned in this article (minus the foundation sponge which can be purchased separately). If you have any questions on the uses of these brushes please don't hesitate to comment below. Thank you for stopping in!

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