Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Smaller Features with Larger Accessories for Cross Dressers

Everyone has certain features that they wish they could make disappear, but let's face it, they aren't going anywhere without extensive surgery. So, let's take a more practical approach by using our accessories to our advantage. This is going to give you a more feminine look by minimizing those larger features with your larger accessories. 

Reduce the appearance of large hands with over-sized rings and stretch bracelets
Our antique stretch rings are a great way to take the attention off of your large hands. They are over-sized to give the appearance of a more petite hand, and are made with a stretchy elastic to fit any sized fingers. Wear multiple rings at a time to really take the attention off of the size of your hands. Add a stretch bracelet and a bangle cuff to really complete the look. Not only will this look really minimize larger hands but it also is a great fashion statement.


Bye Bye Adam's Apple

Sequin Rose Choker
Wear large statement necklaces and chokers to make your neck look more petite, and to hide your Adam's Apple. This Sequin Rose Choker is a great example of how to hide your Adam's Apple. The Rhinestone Necklace below will give the appearance of a smaller neckline. Be careful when shopping for chokers, make sure they have extenders.

Rhinestone Choker Necklace

Oval Rhinestone Earrings

LARGE Ears? LARGE Earrings!
If you have large ears then you want to wear large dangling, or hoop earrings. This will make your ears appear smaller. All of our earrings here at Glamour Boutique give the appearance of a regular, natural earring but are actually clip-ons for your convenience. 




If you follow all of these pointers you will find yourself not only appearing more petite and feminine but you will also feel more like a lady. Accessorizing really makes an outfit so have fun with and don't be afraid to go BOLD!
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