Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Tips on How to Care for your Wig

A small amount of time at regular intervals spent maintaining your wig will pay big dividends in the short and long-term. Not only will the hair piece look better but correct care will ensure you make your investment last for a long time. Follow these tips on how to care for your wig to keep your hairpiece in great condition.

STEP 1 : Brush your wig 

 Make sure all knots and tangles are GENTLY brushed out. To do this you start brushing a section at a time from the bottom of the wig to the top. Always brush the wig just before wearing and again when you have finished before storing on a wig head or inside a hair net. The hair net will stop the hair piece from tangling when being stored. Always brush your wig with a wire wig brush .

YES                                                                                                                   NO

Never use a regular hair brush with the small bobbles on the end, as this will pull on the hair strands too roughly and result in hair loss for your wig.

STEP 2: Wash your wig

1. Pour a small amount of wig shampoo (1-2 cap-fulls)  in a sink filled with cool water.
2. Soak the hairpiece in the cool water for   5-10 minutes.
3. Dump the soapy water out and refill with clean, cool water
4. Swish wig around the cool water to ensure all soap is out.
5. Take your clean wig out of the sink

STEP 3: Condition your wig

1. Fill sink again with cool water

 2. Add 1-2 cap-fulls of wig conditioner
 3. Swish the wig around the conditioned water to ensure it soaks into entire wig
 4. Remove wig from wink and rinse completely in clean, cool water
5. BLOT your wig dry with a clean, soft towel. Do not rub hard.
6. Hang your wig to dry - preferably on a wig stand.


STEP 4: Styling your wig

1. If you have a Styrofoam Wig Head then place your wig on here to make styling easier.
2. When caring for your wig only use a metal pick comb or your finger to separate the wig strands, from the tips of the hair to the crown.
3. If you want to use a flat iron or curling iron on your wig then make sure that it is curling iron friendly and/or has Kanekalon Heat Resisting Fiber. On our particular wigs, you will see an image like the photo below in the description. Examples of such wigs are, the Angel Wig and the GB1 Wig.

 4.  Remember: Be Gentle!

Regular brushing and correct storage will eliminate knots and tangling. If keeping your wigs on  a stand when not being used, remember to place in a hair net before storing in a box. Only wash when your hair piece needs it. Constant washing will eventually lead to the hair color becoming a little dull, even with the better quality wigs. Follow these steps and you will extend the life of your hair piece.

For more advice on wigs check out our article, Choosing a Wig for your Face Shape.

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