Friday, August 1, 2014

Tips on Sizing for Cross Dressers- Part I

There is nothing more frustrating than ordering a product, waiting in anticipation for it to arrive, and when it does, it is the wrong size! You now have to go through the grueling process of not only returning it but also trying to figure out the correct size for you. So, we are going to provide you with a few sizing tips that will help cross dressers prevent that from happening.
** Our clothing here at is made to fit the male form, so keep in mind if you are shopping elsewhere, sizes may vary**The sizing tips provided here are for the male figure.


IMPORTANT: If you are going to wear body-shaping garments, such as: cinchers, breast forms, padded hips/butt make sure you measure with them on so your dress or skirt will fit appropriately. Measure with a cloth/paper tape measurer.
      1. Measure

a.    Bust/chest : around nipples

b.    Waist : around belly button
c.    Hips : the widest part

2.  Choose your desired product

3.  Refer to our sizing chart under the specific    merchandise you would like



 Everyone’s chest is different so you need to choose a breast form that will fit your specific shape well. Answer these 4 questions and then follow the guidelines below to find out which breast form will fit you the best.

1.   Know your bra band size

2.    Choose your cup size (B= Small; C=Medium; D =Large DD=Extremely Large
3.    Do you have pre-existing breast flesh? Yes or no

4.    What type of look are you going for? Busty or Natural
5. Refer to this GL sizing chart for an example. Every breast form manufacturer has slightly different sizing so make sure to check you the sizing chart under each individual model/make.


Now let’s see which breast forms will work best for you

            YES busty look         YES pre-existing breast flesh

                                 Try our Perky Soft

            YES busty look          NO pre-existing breast flesh

                                 Try our Affordable Teardrop 
            YES natural look     YES pre-existing breast flesh      
                                 Try our PERFECTLY PERKY OVAL  
                  YES natural look       NO pre-existing breast flesh
                                      Try our GL1000

If this is your first time, and you need help sizing for a bra, email us at or call us on our free help phone line: 1-888-721-8688 and someone will be happy to help you. Thanks for stopping in.

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