Thursday, September 25, 2014

Simple DIY Costume Idea's for Your Little Black Dress or Corset

Fall decorations are coming out, pumpkin coffee is being served, and Halloween is approaching. There are so many fun costume ideas that you can make at home with your current wardrobe. Finding a cute costume to fit could be a struggle for some, which is why making your own is such a fun alternative. It allows you to personalize your look and guarantee that it is going to fit perfectly. 

Just add a few accessories to your LBD or corset and you have a great Halloween costume for this year. Most of the accessories and make-up you will have already (or something similar). If you don't you can purchase them on our website, Here are some simple DIY costume idea's for your little black dress or corset!

Sexy Cruella de Vil

Tired of being so nice all the time? Get in touch with your inner villain and be Cruella for a day!  The best part is you get to walk around with a stuffed animal Dalmatian all night. This is a perfect costume if you are tall and lean. All you need is your LBD, fishnet stockings, long gloves and a white coat (faux fur works best) to pull this one off. Be creative. If you don't have all of these items, take a look in your closet and try to find an alternative. I think the red heels look great with the red lipstick and gloves. You can use baby powder and some hairspray on half of your hair if you don't have a similar wig.


  • Little Black Dress
  • Long red gloves
  • White coat
  • Black fishnet stockings 
  • Red heels

Optional Make-up/Accessories: 
White face paint, red lipstick, heavy black eyes: shadow, liner, and eyebrows-- If you have one of our black chokers, that is a good add on, and of course a Dalmatian stuffed animal for that added cute factor. 

Tiger sporting a black corset

Photo Credit: Pinterest

This is a very simple, fun, yet sexy costume. A black petticoat goes really well with this tigeresque costume too. This one is perfect if you are have to prepare a costume with little time. All you need is your corset or a LBD, shorts, cat ears, and some paint. Painting just the face looks just as cute if you are crunched for time and can’t do the whole body. Such a great way to show off your curves...

  •   Black full corset or LBD
  •   Shorts
  •   Orange and black face paint
  •   Cat ears
Optional Make-up/Accessories:
 Wear your hair down and tease the ends working your way up to the roots for a more fierce tiger look.
 Make-up: I suggest doing the cat eye for your eyes, and black lipstick for an even more dramatic look.

Lara Croft from Tomb Raider

Photo Credit: Pinterest
Although this one doesn't show a LBD or corset it is just such a hot costume I had to add it in. A corset looks just as good as the crop top does. If you are familiar with Tomb Raider you already know that Lara Croft is one fierce lady. If shorts aren't really your thing go with green or black leggings.

  • Corset
  • Leggings or green/black shorts
  • Combat boots
  • Toy guns
  • Belt
Optional Make-up/Accessories:
 Wear your hair down or a pony tail.  

Naughty Cop 

Photo Credit: Pinterest
 This is a great one because all you need is a nice corset, a petticoat, some fishnets and if you have children you may not even have to buy the handcuffs and badge- if you do need some, check your local dollar store. If you don't have a corset already you can also wear a LBD with a belt. High black boots really complete this outfit too. You can choose to make the center piece to your costume a LBD or corset with any of these costume idea's.
  • Black over bust corset
  • Black petticoat
  • Fishnet stockings
  • Toy handcuffs and badge
  • Black boots
Don't have time to put together a costume? Check out our Dirty Cop  and Little Devil Costumes.
 Gather your accessories, heels, and wigs, and start transforming that LBD or favorite corset into this year’s next best costume. 

Thank you for reading, "Simple DIY Costume Idea's for Your Little Black Dress or Corset."

Have some idea's of your own? Please share in the comment section.

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