Wednesday, September 17, 2014

To Fly en Femme or Not to Fly en Femme?

Traveling is often one of the most exciting times to go out as your femme self. Whether traveling for business or for pleasure, it is a great time to reinvent yourself. There can be fear and hesitation in doing this for obvious reasons--Are they going to search me? Will they open my bag in front of everyone?  All of these things may run through your head when you are trying to decide whether to dress for your next business trip. Let’s try to take some of the stress away with providing you some of the rules and regulations from the Transportation Security Administration for traveling as a TG/CD.

Know your rights
You are allowed to ask for a private screening at any time during the screen process. You can also ask to speak with a supervisor at any time.  If you request to be screened privately it can be done with a witness there or with someone you are traveling with as well. Some airports use Advance Image Technology (AIT) which you may opt out of at any time. If you choose to do so, they will need to conduct a thorough pat down.  When making reservations to travel, make sure you give them yor legal name and date of birth as it appears on your license. Your picture does not have to match your appearance. You have the right to travel in whichever gender you wish, as long as the name and birthdate you provide match your driver's license.

Carry-on luggage
You are free to bring any of your prosthetics with you on your travels. They will be screened through security like any other bag. If your bag is flagged for some reason and needs to be searched, you are allowed to request that it is done in private. You may feel more comfortable packing any prosthetics or medicine in your check on luggage rather than your carry-on. Gel breast forms are not considered to be part of the 3oz. limit for liquids. All other liquids must be under 3 ounces or put in a checked baggage. Be aware that steel boned corsets may alert the scanner so it may be a good idea to pack this in your check on bag or carry-on rather than wearing it through security.
Pat down?
From the research I have done on this, it seems that you are at as much risk as anyone for a pat down. So my advice is just be prepared. I suggest mentioning in advance that if you need to be pat down that you prefer it be done privately (unless this isn’t a concern for you). It is stated, that prosthetics being worn under clothing may be picked up on the security and need a more thorough pat down. When you are being pat down, you are not required to remove any prosthetics. Be sure to explain in detail what you are wearing under your clothing prior to being pat down. If you were ever asked to remove an item, calmly ask to speak to a supervisor.

Contacting TSA
To ensure that you have a worry-free trip, I would suggest calling before your flight to ask any questions you may have. Airport employees are now trained to expect to meet transgendered and cross dressing travelers. It is a lot more common for people to travel en femme than it used to be.  I hope this article helped and answered any questions you may have had on the subject. You can contact TSA at 1-866-289-9673 or email

I hope you now have a clearer understand of what flying en femme would be like.

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Have you ever traveled en femme?



  1. I flew enfemme for the first time last May. I had to get up early and get dressed, including putting my clothes and makeup on in time to leave for the airport. I wore my silicone breast forms in an underwire bra. I thought that if they patted me down, so what. Breast forms are medical devices and are allowed to be worn. I wore some stretch denim jeans, a grey long sleeve t-shirt and a blue blazer. Because I would be walking a lot I wore some comfy flats. I had an hour's drive and parked in the long term lot. I had to take a shuttle bus to the terminal. The bus driver got out and lifted my bags into the bus for me. I gave him a nice tip afterward. I tried to check in at the US Airways kiosk but could not access my itinerary. I had to talk to a gate agent. He was very respectful and polite and explained that my flights had to be changed due to some equipment issues. He rerouted me and checked my bag. I had to go through the TSA screening next. When I got there, the agent pointed out that I had TSA PRECHECK on my boarding pass so I had to go to a different line. The next female agent looked at my driver's license and boarding pass with my male name and gender marker on it and thanked me and waved me through. I didn't have to remove my blazer or shoes and just put my carryon on the belt and walked through a metal detector. I went right through with no problems and was allowed to proceed to the gate. When I boarded the plane, the agents there were very polite and respectful. I put my bag in the overhead and took my seat. Two guys sat next to me afterward. The plane departed and the flight was very nice. The attendant took my drink order and one of the guys passed my drink to me. We landed and taxied to the gate. The guys got up and let me get out in front of them. One took my bag down for me, so sweet. As I was waiting, the guy in front of me accidentally elbowed me in the boob (Glamour Boutique's GL-4000 C-cup) when he took his carry on down. He just turned and walked off without saying anything. In the terminal, I had to use the restroom so went into the companion one and freshened up. I got in line at a restaurant and ordered a sandwich to eat for lunch. I sat next to some women near the gate and ate it. I wanted to check my lipstick after eating so went to the ladies room and reapplied it and washed my hands. In the restroom, I noticed one of my earrings was missing. I remembered seeing a large jewelry kiosk on my way there, so I went to it and asked the salesgirl if she had any clip-ons. She showed me several, one of which I liked, so I bought it. I went back into the ladies room and put my new earrings on. The next leg of the flight was uneventful. I sat next to a woman dressed in a very nice business suit. She just glanced at me, checking my outfit out but didn't speak. After we landed, I went to the baggage claim to get my bag. None of the other passengers gave me negative vibes. I think they were all too busy traveling to notice me. The next step was to get a rental car I had reserved. The rental agent at National greeted me with "Hello ma'am. How are you today?" I smiled and handed him my reservation, driver's license, and credit card. He looked at the card and said " This has Thomas' name on it. I need one with your name on it." I told him I am Thomas, look at the driver's license." He said "Oh! I'm sorry, ma'am." and proceeded to process the paperwork. He gave me the keys and told me where the car was and told me to have a nice stay, still calling me ma'am. I found the car and drove an hour to the hotel, a Hilton. The desk agent there was very polite, calling me ma'am, even though she saw my male name and gender marker on my license. The rest of the stay was fantastic, spending the next 5 days enfemme. I cannot say enough about flying enfemme and being treated so respectfully. I guess the training the employees are getting from their employers is paying off. I look forward to my next trip and recommend this to all. Hugs, Donna

  2. Hi Donna,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share your story with us. So happy to hear that you had a pleasant experience. As you mentioned, the training that the employee's are receiving is obviously paying off. As I was writing this article I was really hoping that someone would share their personal experience because you never know what really happens until you hear it firsthand. I know that anyone who reads this will be thankful you did too. Can't wait to hear how your next journey goes...

    Glad your GL4000's are safe and sound, as they should be ;)

  3. DO NOT GO TO CUBA. its a long story but never go to Cuba. I HAVE BEEN CROSSDRESSING FOR OVER 30 YEARS. I have been married for 36 years. Fidel Castro hates anything to do with any of us . I could have been jailed for 25 years when discovered with my breast forms and bras and everything else that I travel with. its hugely against the law. It a long story but trust me fidel castro owns that country If you go threr you will be screwed I will never go ther again A Canadian Crossdresser

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience. So sorry to hear that you were treated that way. How were your experiences traveling in Canada?

  4. Canada is the best feeling of all. when my baggage was searched it was easily to tell who I was my heart was racing faster than ever before in my life . after he searched thru all of my panties and bras and all of my stuff. He gently said Have A nice day and he motioned for me to keeping going I closed my bag and never looked back. Thank GOD . FOR CANADA AND OUR FAVORTE NEIGBOUR USA.