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Get in your Femme Fix through Social Media

 Struggling with the realization that you cant be en femme all day every day? Guess what? There are ways to get in your femme fix throughout the week... Are you ready for my secret? The answer is through social media...

The amount of online cd/tg groups is growing by the day. These groups allow you to share stories and photos with your TG girl friends. Share advice, find local events, meet new friends, and much more. 

Creating a femme Facebook account opens up a whole world of transgender ladies just like yourself. It allows for the opportunity to express your feminine self whenever you wish.

Choose a group that caters to your particular interests. There is a group for everyone. You will find everything from how to deal with family relationships to make-up and beauty tips . Maybe you just want to join a community that features other TG girls like yourself, without a  real purpose behind the group other than sharing photos of yourself. There is a group for that as well.
These online groups are such a great opportunity to express who you are and feel comfortable within a community.  I have asked some of our cd/tg girls what their favorite groups are and here are some results-

Popular Cross Dresser/ Transgender Online Groups for Facebook:

 1. Transgender Support - This is a group for anyone who is thinking about changing over or already have done so. This community is a great way for TG girls to unite and support each other.


2. Classy Cross dressers and Trans Lady -This group welcomes not just crossdressers but also trans women as well. Keep it classy and enjoy :) 

3.  Jennifer Merrill: Boy or Girl? Who Cares?- This is a support group for members of the LGBT community - particularly the Transgendered and Cross dressing community. This is a judge-free community where you can just be yourself and have a great time doing so.

 4. Trans Beauty Network- This is a group devoted to sharing hair, fashion, and make-up tips to make you feel gorgeous as you deserve.

4. Glamour Boutique USA- Our Facebook Page will keep you updated on events and trending news in the cd/tg community. Friends, fans, and customers love to share photos of themselves in their favorite Glamour Boutique attire, or just every day out and about pics. Our page also serves to answer any questions you may have. We really cherish the relationships we have through Facebook and welcome all new comers.

 Facebook not really your thang? Here are some other great support groups:

1. Laura's Playground- This group offers support meetings for not only cd/tg but to their families as well
2. Cross Dressers Forum- This community is a very popular forum where you can post a question or search through other people's threads to find the answers you are looking for. This a great place to share your knowledge as well.
3. The Gender Centre- The community offers great articles, and trending news related to the cd/tg community. They also feature events, forums, advice, and much more.

 Other ways social media can connect you with the cd/tg community is through blogging. Whether you wish to interact and read other blogs or create your own and share your story and journey with others, both will open you up to a whole new world.

For those of you that have already explored the social media atmosphere, you may be asking yourself how you can become one of these sexy TG girls that seem to have it all figured out. The simplest answer is – practice, and of course reading great how-to articles. These ladies have studied other role models and have done their research to perfect their look, and now have become the role model themselves. It really is a beautiful thing. A big part of your look is being confident.

 Does social media have a positive influence on your life? If so, please share how you get your femme fix in :)


Thursday, October 23, 2014

6 Steps to the Perfect Beard Cover for CD/TG's

So you have mastered the seductive eye look, have perfectly lined lips, but still have beard stubble. The most important step in concealing your beard stubble is using the correct product. You need to use theatrical stage make-up for the best coverage. This will avoid the caked- on look of applying layers and layers of regular foundation.

Important Tip: Remember that your skin color should always remain the same. Even after applying toner, pink and blue goo, and foundation. All of these products are meant to enhance your natural skin tone, not change it. Your foundation needs to match your skin color. If you want a bronzed look you can always swipe some bronzer on afterwards.


Products Used:

Glamour Boutique's 7.5 Auguste
- Skin Prep- Toner
- 7.5b Auguste for light/normal hair
- B19 Auguste blue stick for dark hair


 Steps to Cover Beard Stubble

1. Gently wash your face, don’t scrub.

2.  Shave with a sharp razor and use a good quality moisturizing shaving cream. If you nick yourself, quickly apply some chap stick to seal and contain the area. I suggest waiting a few hours before applying make-up. You want to wait until any face irritation/redness goes away.
3.  Apply toner and wait 30 minutes or so.

4. Lightly coat your beard area with 7.5b August- the orange will mask the blue tints in your beard hair. If you have darker hair use the b19 Neutralizer. This is also great for highlighting the cheek bones, and under eyes.

6. Now you can apply your foundation.

7. Lastly, lightly brush on some setting powder for a finished look. Use a powder brush for this, not a foundation sponge.

How do you cover your beard? Leave comments and suggestions below!


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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Tips for Natural Looking Make-up for CD/TG's

This photo pretty much sums up the gist of this article. How do we avoid having make-up like the DON'T photo to the right? It is in fact possible to completely cover your face with make-up and still have that natural look, as we see on the left.

I know make-up is a tricky area. It takes a ton of practice. You want to wear enough make-up to give you that feminine glowing look but you don’t want to wear too much and look like a clown. Make sure you always have make-up remover handy, in case you go a little heavy with the make-up and realize after.

A little trick to becoming more passable which you probably don’t think of is keeping up with the current trends. Whether it be clothing, make-up, nail colors, shoes, etc., even if you can focus on one of these it will make you look like you know what you are doing. Having natural looking make-up is a huge trend right now and is perfect for the fall season.

Skin Prep
It’s all about the skin prep! Prepare your skin before applying make-up – this is extremely important. You need your skin to be well moisturized so your foundation goes on nice and smooth, making it look more natural- opposed to caked on foundation. If you take the proper steps to preparing your skin for make-up you won’t have as much to cover up, resulting in you using less make-up.
         1. Cleanse skin with a gentle face wash

 2. Apply a face mask – Choose one that meets your needs. If you have large pores and black heads make sure you get a face mask that says- cleans pores. A face mask will rid a lot of your impurities and will exfoliate at the same time. I love how my face feels after using a mask, it seriously glows the next day. I love the peel-off and clay masks but every one has a difference purpose so choose the one that’s best for you.

 3. Prime your skin with a primer- again choose one for your needs. If your face gets red and irritated choose a green primer that will mask the redness.
Now wait around 10 minutes before applying make-up to allow the products to seep into your skin and pores, so they can do their jobs!

Test a few different colors of foundation on your hand to match your skin color. Only use concealer in the areas you need it, anywhere you may see blemishes- typically under your eyes and around your nostrils. To cover beard stubble try Mehron’s neutralizing stick- this is used by actors and actresses, and is great to cover beard stubble.

Choose a foundation that matches your skin tone. First figure out what type of skin you have; dry, oily, or a combination of both.  Next, what shade is your skin; light, medium, medium dark, dark, Eurasia.  If you have oily skin go with an oil free foundation, if your skin is dry, you want a natural moisturizing foundation. It is important to test foundation on the top of you hand to ensure you are matching it to your skin color. Every skin tone has several shade options for foundation. Go with 1 lighter, 1 darker, for highlighting and shading. Try a foundation
pallet for this.  Another trick to achieving natural looking make-up is to dab a make-up sponge lightly over your face to take off any excess- this helps avoid the caked on look. Cream based foundation like Celebre from Mehron are particularly good for covering cross dresser faces.


Bronzer vs. Blush
Bronzer is great for giving you that natural sun-kissed look. You

 just need to be careful because if you apply too much in the wrong
place you will wind up looking dirty.  If you prefer blush to give you more a feminine feel go with a VERY light pink, and light swipe it in an upward motion towards your temple- make sure you tap off the excess blush off of your brush. If you put too much on then go over it with a tissue to get off excess.

The key to natural looking plump lips is... a natural lip color! This is one area where you can go a little lighter. Apply a nice moisturizing chap stick and then apply a soft pink or tan lip stick. This look is irresistible. If you would rather not draw so much attention to your eyes then go lighter on the eyes and bolder with the lips. So if your lips are your strong feature then grab a pink or red and make sure your liner matches! You don't want you liner to stick out. You can even line your lips with your lipstick as well.


Try a dark brown eyeliner instead of black. This is a great trick to get natural looking eyes. It gives a more natural softer look, opposed to black which give you a harder appearance. I suggest only lining the top, this will make your eyes pop. If you line both top and bottom you have to be really careful not to fully line the bottom because this will make your eyes appear smaller.

I hope this article helped provide you with some tricks that you may not normally think of. Don’t be afraid to take it all off and start again. If you have free time, practice, practice, practice. Follow these simple tips to having natural looking make-up.  I know time is sometimes an issue which is why I suggest practicing when you do have a free moment or two.

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Waist Training- Cinching the Safe Way with a Corset

All good things must come to an end—Except for waist training. Creating the most admired hourglass figure is back and here to stay. There is just something about a women’s figure that will always be appealing. A cinched waist, curvy hips, and big bust is the number one most wanted body type.

It is important to know the facts about steel boned corsets to ensure that you are taking the proper safety precautions before you start waist training. It is also important to educate yourself on the different types of corsets as well. You can’t just buy any corset and expect it to transform your waist. Some are merely for fashion, or to be worn as lingerie, which means they do not have the steel bones that make the cinching part possible.

What the Experts have to say-
Our experts here at are going to give you the low down on waist training. It is a gradual process of wearing a steel boned waist cinching corset. To start, you wear it a few hours a day (3-6). After a couple of weeks you can wear it for longer periods of time, but be sure to listen to your body. If you feel discomfort go back to the 3-6 hours. Do not sleep in your corset- your body needs time to rest too.

The idea of waist training is to eventually have a slim waist without having to wear the corset.  We recommend only waist training until you have achieved your desired figure. Except for the occasional ice cream binge, or hitting that buffet a little too hard on vacation. In that case, you may want to take it back out and wear it for a few hours. Another great benefit to wearing a steel boned corset is additional back support and improved posture. This is particularly helpful for individuals who have a larger bust.

Our good friend, Kim Rydick is new to wearing a corset but is very excited about her new curvature. "My corset wears great... Good enough to dine, dance and even win a few games of pool. It helped me own the night! This is now my go-to corset." said Kim. A great benefit to wearing a steel boned corset is that even though you may not have time to waist train, you can still have curves for a night out on the town. You can either wear your corset under your outfit or make it part of your ensemble.  The new hot trend is to wear your corset over a blouse or cute dress. As you can see, that is what Kim does. She pairs her waist cinching corset with a cute pencil skirt and white blouse. There is nothing better than cinching your waist while mingling with some friends.

Cinching the Safe Way with a Corset
For beginners we suggest starting off with the under bust corset. As mentioned, this is a gradual process so it takes a little time for your body to get used to. When starting out you must make sure not to over-cinch to hard too fast or you can cause damage to yourself and the corset. Break the corset in over the first 2 weeks by wearing a maximum few hours a day and only cinch it 'snug' during this time. After 2 weeks the bones will soften and you can then begin to tighten more each day to your comfort level. Take caution while waist training with a steel boned corset by following these simple rules:
  1. Allow your body 24 hours of rest in between wearing your corset
  2. Do not exercise in a corset
  3. Always loosen corset before eating and driving
  4. Always allow your corset to air dry overnight
  5. Medical Practitioners do not suggest sleeping in your corset
  6. Listen to your body- if you are experiencing discomfort, your corset may be too tight or you could be wearing it too often.

It is important to follow these guidelines, and to listen to your body.

As you can see above, you can achieve an hourglass figure the second you put your corset on. So if you are like Kim, busy with a family, you may only have time to wear it while you are out or on the weekends. Decide what is best for you and your daily routine. If this is the case, you can still achieve an hourglass figure while your corset is on, which is just as great for some individuals.

Measuring your Waist
You want to measure the smallest part of your waist. Males-measure around your belly button. Females- measure 1-2 inches above your belly button. Use a cloth or paper tape measurer. So, for correct size you want to take 4 inches off of your measured waist size - if your waist is a size 34, you want a size 30 corset. This allows room for you to cinch, resulting in you having a 30 inch waist after training.  In some cases you can go down 5 inches if you have a lot of pre-existing belly fat and/or can pinch at least an inch.

Self-lacing with your Corset
If you are like most of the customers and you have to lace the corset on your own, fear not as we enclose full instructions with each corset and in addition you are welcome to call us 7 days a week on the help line where one of us will happily talk you through it. All of our corsets arrive laced, so just follow these simple steps to get into your cinching garment:
  • Remove corset from its protective carrier and lay down flat on a clean surface with the back and the laces facing up. Loosen the laces the full length of the corset until you have a 3 to 4 inch gap at the back.
  • Turn the corset over so the front busk faces you and un-clip the hooks. Now wrap the corset around your waist holding the hooks in your right hand and clip the front busk together. Make sure the corset is centered and at the right height.
  • Either standing sideways in front of a mirror or by using 1 mirror in front and 1 behind begin to tighten the laces- start at the top by using a hooked finger and pull between every crisscross of the laces until you reach the center large loops of lace. Alternate this method between top to the middle and bottom to the middle. Every time you reach the middle pull on the center loops to cinch in the slack.
  • When partially cinched to a 'snug' feeling slowly raise the arms in the air and gently wriggle the torso which will even out any lose areas and settle your corset for one more round of tightening.
  • Take your time to cinch the corset, resting from time to time and ensuring you are tightening the laces nice and even. Once finished the laces should be even all the way up and down.
  • In the early stages cinch until 'snug' and not overly tight (first 2 weeks at least) to allow the corset to be properly broken-in and ready for tight lacing. Never attempt to cinch your corset tightly in the hip and rib areas; you cannot cinch bone and if you do you could damage the corset or hurt yourself.
  • Properly laced corset

  • Once you are cinched snuggly then tie the laces in a normal bow as you would the lace on a shoe. You can leave the long lace at the back or tuck up the back of the corset if you like.
Always make graceful movements in a corset. Any sudden movements while constricted by steel bones may be uncomfortable, and in the extreme even damage the corset. Have a set goal to achieve with your waist reduction and think you will be wearing one every day? Think about purchasing two corsets so you can rotate them, allowing one to 'rest' while the other is being worn. This will extend the life of the corsets.

Diet & Exercise
We suggest that you maintain a healthy diet, and have a daily exercise routine while waist training. When it comes time to sit down for a meal, make sure you either loosen your laces, or take off your corset until you are fully digested. This will prevent you from being uncomfortable while eating. Wearing a corset will take some getting used to. Your body must get used to having steel bones support it. Waist training with a steel boned corset is the number one method to obtaining the ideal hourglass figure along with a healthy diet and daily exercise. We are here to provide any questions you may have on waist training, so please don't hesitate to post a question.  You can also visit our learning center for more information on wearing a steel boned corset.

Ready to try waist training? Shop now for your new steel boned corset here
 Want to share your waist training story? Leave a comment below!
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Crossdresser Makeup Tips: Choosing Eye Shadow for your Eye Color

Choosing the correct eye shadow for your eye color will help draw more attention to them and make them really stand out. In order to achieve this you must choose the right color. Different shadows look better with certain eye colors. Whether you have blue, brown, green, or hazel there is an eye shadow that works best for you. Start with the basics, and as you feel more comfortable you can work up to the more intricate eye make-up.

When applying your eye shadow you first need to know what type of look you are going for. If you are going out for lunch you may want to go with something more natural. Hitting the town for a club night with girlfriends? You may want a more dramatic look. Attending a more formal night calls for a natural chic look.

The second component to making your eyes stand out is going light on the rest of your make-up. This will draw attention to your eyes.

Everyone's eye is a different shade and everyone has different skin tones, so the trick is finding what works best for you. Here are some great options for your eye color. Try them out and see what is most flattering on you.

Choosing Eye Shadow for Blue Eyes


 The color that work best for blue eyes are natural earth tones. Brown and sheer color compliment blue eyes well. For a more dramatic look you can also try a light blue, or baby pink. Any soft color will make your eyes pop.

If you have dark blue eyes and want them to appear lighter than try a light teal or baby blue shade. Be careful with turquoise and blue shades, because you can easily over-do it and wind up looking like you are back in the 80’s.  If you have light blue eyes go with a greyish darker blue.  For at night go with something more chic, like a sheer cream color or a matte brown.

 A popular trend right now is to line below your bottom lashes with the color eye shadow you are wearing as shown in the photo to the right. Use an angled make-up brush to do this. Note how her eye shadow seems to match the color of her eye. This will happen naturally, which is why you don't want to pick a shadow that is identical to your eye color. Instead, decide what color you want your eyes to appear, and choose that color shadow. Your eye color will mimic the shadow color. This is similar to if you were to wear a blue shirt- your eyes look even more blue.


Choosing Eye Shadow for Brown Eyes

 If you have brown eyes you can really pull off any color. The most flattering color for brown eyed babes tends to be metallic and brown tones. Bronze, gold, brown, and silver all compliment brown eyes really well. Add some shimmer on top of your metallic shadow to add a more dramatic look. Choose a shade lighter than your eye color for a natural look or try a shade darker for a sultry appearance. When in doubt go with a natural color like taupe, brown, or even peach looks very natural and light.

The new trend for brown eyes is lining your bottom lashes with white liner.
Photo Credit: Jezebel

This looks really nice and will make your eyes stand out in an incredible way.  The white is used to highlight your eyes. I suggest using a white shadow with an angled brush. Go heavier around the tear duct and very lightly on the rest of the lid. Sometimes just the tear duct looks nice, depending on the top shadow and look you are going for.


Choosing Eye Shadow for Green &Hazel Eyes

 The typical rule of thumb for shadow is to go with the opposite color of your eyes. This isn't a fool proof way to choose an eye shadow- Since you have green eyes you would go with red as it sits across from green on the color wheel. Let's face it- red is not the color eye shadow you want unless it is Halloween and you are going as the devil. Try shadows that are red-based. Purple and plums shadow look great on green eyes.

If bright purple is too much go with an earthy green or cream colored shadow. If you have darker green eyes go with a light green. If you have hazel eyes go with a dark green. Lavender and light pink also look great as you can see on Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson- Photo Credit to PRPHOTOS
As mentioned earlier you can line the bottom lash with your eye shadow by using an angled make-up brush.  This way it looks consistent in being the same color as the top lid.

 Here is a simple guide to help you remember which eye shadow to choose for your eye color.There are so many options, but these  seem to work the best and are good to keep in mind. If you tend to wear colored contacts and switch eye colors often than investing in a make-up kit is the way to go.
Photo Credit: Pinterest

 Is there a certain make-up trend that you really love and would like to know how to do? If so, leave a comment below and I will be sure to put a tutorial together for you :)