Thursday, October 23, 2014

6 Steps to the Perfect Beard Cover for CD/TG's

So you have mastered the seductive eye look, have perfectly lined lips, but still have beard stubble. The most important step in concealing your beard stubble is using the correct product. You need to use theatrical stage make-up for the best coverage. This will avoid the caked- on look of applying layers and layers of regular foundation.

Important Tip: Remember that your skin color should always remain the same. Even after applying toner, pink and blue goo, and foundation. All of these products are meant to enhance your natural skin tone, not change it. Your foundation needs to match your skin color. If you want a bronzed look you can always swipe some bronzer on afterwards.


Products Used:

Glamour Boutique's 7.5 Auguste
- Skin Prep- Toner
- 7.5b Auguste for light/normal hair
- B19 Auguste blue stick for dark hair


 Steps to Cover Beard Stubble

1. Gently wash your face, don’t scrub.

2.  Shave with a sharp razor and use a good quality moisturizing shaving cream. If you nick yourself, quickly apply some chap stick to seal and contain the area. I suggest waiting a few hours before applying make-up. You want to wait until any face irritation/redness goes away.
3.  Apply toner and wait 30 minutes or so.

4. Lightly coat your beard area with 7.5b August- the orange will mask the blue tints in your beard hair. If you have darker hair use the b19 Neutralizer. This is also great for highlighting the cheek bones, and under eyes.

6. Now you can apply your foundation.

7. Lastly, lightly brush on some setting powder for a finished look. Use a powder brush for this, not a foundation sponge.

How do you cover your beard? Leave comments and suggestions below!


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