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Crossdresser Makeup Tips: Choosing Eye Shadow for your Eye Color

Choosing the correct eye shadow for your eye color will help draw more attention to them and make them really stand out. In order to achieve this you must choose the right color. Different shadows look better with certain eye colors. Whether you have blue, brown, green, or hazel there is an eye shadow that works best for you. Start with the basics, and as you feel more comfortable you can work up to the more intricate eye make-up.

When applying your eye shadow you first need to know what type of look you are going for. If you are going out for lunch you may want to go with something more natural. Hitting the town for a club night with girlfriends? You may want a more dramatic look. Attending a more formal night calls for a natural chic look.

The second component to making your eyes stand out is going light on the rest of your make-up. This will draw attention to your eyes.

Everyone's eye is a different shade and everyone has different skin tones, so the trick is finding what works best for you. Here are some great options for your eye color. Try them out and see what is most flattering on you.

Choosing Eye Shadow for Blue Eyes


 The color that work best for blue eyes are natural earth tones. Brown and sheer color compliment blue eyes well. For a more dramatic look you can also try a light blue, or baby pink. Any soft color will make your eyes pop.

If you have dark blue eyes and want them to appear lighter than try a light teal or baby blue shade. Be careful with turquoise and blue shades, because you can easily over-do it and wind up looking like you are back in the 80’s.  If you have light blue eyes go with a greyish darker blue.  For at night go with something more chic, like a sheer cream color or a matte brown.

 A popular trend right now is to line below your bottom lashes with the color eye shadow you are wearing as shown in the photo to the right. Use an angled make-up brush to do this. Note how her eye shadow seems to match the color of her eye. This will happen naturally, which is why you don't want to pick a shadow that is identical to your eye color. Instead, decide what color you want your eyes to appear, and choose that color shadow. Your eye color will mimic the shadow color. This is similar to if you were to wear a blue shirt- your eyes look even more blue.


Choosing Eye Shadow for Brown Eyes

 If you have brown eyes you can really pull off any color. The most flattering color for brown eyed babes tends to be metallic and brown tones. Bronze, gold, brown, and silver all compliment brown eyes really well. Add some shimmer on top of your metallic shadow to add a more dramatic look. Choose a shade lighter than your eye color for a natural look or try a shade darker for a sultry appearance. When in doubt go with a natural color like taupe, brown, or even peach looks very natural and light.

The new trend for brown eyes is lining your bottom lashes with white liner.
Photo Credit: Jezebel

This looks really nice and will make your eyes stand out in an incredible way.  The white is used to highlight your eyes. I suggest using a white shadow with an angled brush. Go heavier around the tear duct and very lightly on the rest of the lid. Sometimes just the tear duct looks nice, depending on the top shadow and look you are going for.


Choosing Eye Shadow for Green &Hazel Eyes

 The typical rule of thumb for shadow is to go with the opposite color of your eyes. This isn't a fool proof way to choose an eye shadow- Since you have green eyes you would go with red as it sits across from green on the color wheel. Let's face it- red is not the color eye shadow you want unless it is Halloween and you are going as the devil. Try shadows that are red-based. Purple and plums shadow look great on green eyes.

If bright purple is too much go with an earthy green or cream colored shadow. If you have darker green eyes go with a light green. If you have hazel eyes go with a dark green. Lavender and light pink also look great as you can see on Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson- Photo Credit to PRPHOTOS
As mentioned earlier you can line the bottom lash with your eye shadow by using an angled make-up brush.  This way it looks consistent in being the same color as the top lid.

 Here is a simple guide to help you remember which eye shadow to choose for your eye color.There are so many options, but these  seem to work the best and are good to keep in mind. If you tend to wear colored contacts and switch eye colors often than investing in a make-up kit is the way to go.
Photo Credit: Pinterest

 Is there a certain make-up trend that you really love and would like to know how to do? If so, leave a comment below and I will be sure to put a tutorial together for you :)

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