Thursday, October 30, 2014

Get in your Femme Fix through Social Media

 Struggling with the realization that you cant be en femme all day every day? Guess what? There are ways to get in your femme fix throughout the week... Are you ready for my secret? The answer is through social media...

The amount of online cd/tg groups is growing by the day. These groups allow you to share stories and photos with your TG girl friends. Share advice, find local events, meet new friends, and much more. 

Creating a femme Facebook account opens up a whole world of transgender ladies just like yourself. It allows for the opportunity to express your feminine self whenever you wish.

Choose a group that caters to your particular interests. There is a group for everyone. You will find everything from how to deal with family relationships to make-up and beauty tips . Maybe you just want to join a community that features other TG girls like yourself, without a  real purpose behind the group other than sharing photos of yourself. There is a group for that as well.
These online groups are such a great opportunity to express who you are and feel comfortable within a community.  I have asked some of our cd/tg girls what their favorite groups are and here are some results-

Popular Cross Dresser/ Transgender Online Groups for Facebook:

 1. Transgender Support - This is a group for anyone who is thinking about changing over or already have done so. This community is a great way for TG girls to unite and support each other.


2. Classy Cross dressers and Trans Lady -This group welcomes not just crossdressers but also trans women as well. Keep it classy and enjoy :) 

3.  Jennifer Merrill: Boy or Girl? Who Cares?- This is a support group for members of the LGBT community - particularly the Transgendered and Cross dressing community. This is a judge-free community where you can just be yourself and have a great time doing so.

 4. Trans Beauty Network- This is a group devoted to sharing hair, fashion, and make-up tips to make you feel gorgeous as you deserve.

4. Glamour Boutique USA- Our Facebook Page will keep you updated on events and trending news in the cd/tg community. Friends, fans, and customers love to share photos of themselves in their favorite Glamour Boutique attire, or just every day out and about pics. Our page also serves to answer any questions you may have. We really cherish the relationships we have through Facebook and welcome all new comers.

 Facebook not really your thang? Here are some other great support groups:

1. Laura's Playground- This group offers support meetings for not only cd/tg but to their families as well
2. Cross Dressers Forum- This community is a very popular forum where you can post a question or search through other people's threads to find the answers you are looking for. This a great place to share your knowledge as well.
3. The Gender Centre- The community offers great articles, and trending news related to the cd/tg community. They also feature events, forums, advice, and much more.

 Other ways social media can connect you with the cd/tg community is through blogging. Whether you wish to interact and read other blogs or create your own and share your story and journey with others, both will open you up to a whole new world.

For those of you that have already explored the social media atmosphere, you may be asking yourself how you can become one of these sexy TG girls that seem to have it all figured out. The simplest answer is – practice, and of course reading great how-to articles. These ladies have studied other role models and have done their research to perfect their look, and now have become the role model themselves. It really is a beautiful thing. A big part of your look is being confident.

 Does social media have a positive influence on your life? If so, please share how you get your femme fix in :)


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