Thursday, October 16, 2014

Tips for Natural Looking Make-up for CD/TG's

This photo pretty much sums up the gist of this article. How do we avoid having make-up like the DON'T photo to the right? It is in fact possible to completely cover your face with make-up and still have that natural look, as we see on the left.

I know make-up is a tricky area. It takes a ton of practice. You want to wear enough make-up to give you that feminine glowing look but you don’t want to wear too much and look like a clown. Make sure you always have make-up remover handy, in case you go a little heavy with the make-up and realize after.

A little trick to becoming more passable which you probably don’t think of is keeping up with the current trends. Whether it be clothing, make-up, nail colors, shoes, etc., even if you can focus on one of these it will make you look like you know what you are doing. Having natural looking make-up is a huge trend right now and is perfect for the fall season.

Skin Prep
It’s all about the skin prep! Prepare your skin before applying make-up – this is extremely important. You need your skin to be well moisturized so your foundation goes on nice and smooth, making it look more natural- opposed to caked on foundation. If you take the proper steps to preparing your skin for make-up you won’t have as much to cover up, resulting in you using less make-up.
         1. Cleanse skin with a gentle face wash

 2. Apply a face mask – Choose one that meets your needs. If you have large pores and black heads make sure you get a face mask that says- cleans pores. A face mask will rid a lot of your impurities and will exfoliate at the same time. I love how my face feels after using a mask, it seriously glows the next day. I love the peel-off and clay masks but every one has a difference purpose so choose the one that’s best for you.

 3. Prime your skin with a primer- again choose one for your needs. If your face gets red and irritated choose a green primer that will mask the redness.
Now wait around 10 minutes before applying make-up to allow the products to seep into your skin and pores, so they can do their jobs!

Test a few different colors of foundation on your hand to match your skin color. Only use concealer in the areas you need it, anywhere you may see blemishes- typically under your eyes and around your nostrils. To cover beard stubble try Mehron’s neutralizing stick- this is used by actors and actresses, and is great to cover beard stubble.

Choose a foundation that matches your skin tone. First figure out what type of skin you have; dry, oily, or a combination of both.  Next, what shade is your skin; light, medium, medium dark, dark, Eurasia.  If you have oily skin go with an oil free foundation, if your skin is dry, you want a natural moisturizing foundation. It is important to test foundation on the top of you hand to ensure you are matching it to your skin color. Every skin tone has several shade options for foundation. Go with 1 lighter, 1 darker, for highlighting and shading. Try a foundation
pallet for this.  Another trick to achieving natural looking make-up is to dab a make-up sponge lightly over your face to take off any excess- this helps avoid the caked on look. Cream based foundation like Celebre from Mehron are particularly good for covering cross dresser faces.


Bronzer vs. Blush
Bronzer is great for giving you that natural sun-kissed look. You

 just need to be careful because if you apply too much in the wrong
place you will wind up looking dirty.  If you prefer blush to give you more a feminine feel go with a VERY light pink, and light swipe it in an upward motion towards your temple- make sure you tap off the excess blush off of your brush. If you put too much on then go over it with a tissue to get off excess.

The key to natural looking plump lips is... a natural lip color! This is one area where you can go a little lighter. Apply a nice moisturizing chap stick and then apply a soft pink or tan lip stick. This look is irresistible. If you would rather not draw so much attention to your eyes then go lighter on the eyes and bolder with the lips. So if your lips are your strong feature then grab a pink or red and make sure your liner matches! You don't want you liner to stick out. You can even line your lips with your lipstick as well.


Try a dark brown eyeliner instead of black. This is a great trick to get natural looking eyes. It gives a more natural softer look, opposed to black which give you a harder appearance. I suggest only lining the top, this will make your eyes pop. If you line both top and bottom you have to be really careful not to fully line the bottom because this will make your eyes appear smaller.

I hope this article helped provide you with some tricks that you may not normally think of. Don’t be afraid to take it all off and start again. If you have free time, practice, practice, practice. Follow these simple tips to having natural looking make-up.  I know time is sometimes an issue which is why I suggest practicing when you do have a free moment or two.

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  1. Your blogs about beauty tips are so helpful!
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  2. Thank you Josie, so glad you are finding them useful :)

  3. What about shaving? When during this process should that take place? Thanks, This blog is a tremendous help.

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  4. Hi Josie,

    Great question. Shave before you do anything, and if at all possible wait 1-2 hours to allow any irritation on the face to settle. Here is one of our articles on covering your beard, which you may find useful as well-