Thursday, November 13, 2014

10 Celebrity Look A-Like Wigs for CD/TG

When shopping for a wig you want to make sure you choose the best style, color, and length for your particular skin tone, eye color, and natural hair color. You don't want to take a trial and error approach when shopping for a wig or you will end up throwing hundreds of dollars down the drain.

A simple way of choosing a wig is to look at celebrities hairstyles. They tend to know the best color, length, and style for their face. Try to find a celebrity that has similar facial features and tones as yours. Look through all of the different hairstyles they have and find a similar wig to match that particular style.

To get you started I put together a celebrity hairstyle look-alike for you. So let's take a look at the most wanted celeb hairstyles and the wigs that resemble them the most. Whether they are long and sexy or short and chic they all all pretty fabulous.

Long & Lovely

1.Reese Witherspoon has the most gorgeous long blonde hair. The hair piece that resembles her lovely locks the most is the Jaela wig, pictured to the right. The Jaela wig  is slightly longer than Reese's and has slightly fuller bangs but is just as fine, shiny and gorgeous.

  2.The Becky wig has flowing curly layers with plenty of volume and side swept bangs like Carrie Underwood. The Becky wig is made to fit average to larger head sizes. This is one of my favorite celebrity look-alike wigs. The color pictured is light brown with golden blonde chunky highlights.
 3. If you admire Taylor Swift's hair then you will fall in love with the Obsession wig. This very long beautiful hair piece is one length with nice straight bangs that tailor off to the side rather than blunt bangs. This one is perfect for your cd/tg girls because  of it's heat resistant fibers, you can go curly or straight, leaving you many different styling options. 
  4.If you are looking for the feathery layered look than the Peace wig is your winner. It has side swept bangs and nice choppy layers. This one of Glamour Boutique's best selling wigs. It is nice and light but also has some body to it from the layers and side swept bangs.   

Mid-Length Movie Stars 

5.Who doesn't admire Jennifer Anniston's hair? What I would do for that hair! The Skye wig pictured to the right resembles her hair very nicely, it is also very shiny and fine like Anniston's.  This is such a nice wig for cd/tg who want very natural looking hair without having to spend a fortune.  
6. This is one of the most popular hair trends right now- shoulder length hair, longer in the front and shorter in the back. It has that sexy rolled out of bed look. The Jessica wig has nice side swept bangs to add to the great hairstyle. 
7.  If you have fair skin like Krysten Ritter than you may want to try out the edgy hair style. If you take the Eternity stretch cap wig to a salon and have them trim the bangs and ends of hair a little it will give this wig a really nice natural look like Krysten Ritter's.

Short & Sexy

8.I love this short and chic look. The Heidi wig is both sexy and classy. The short look gives off a very natural appearance as well. The color pictured is Caramel Kiss.
9. The Venna wig is a very natural  yet stylish look for women in their 40 to late 50's. The color pictures is Caramel Kiss, but like all of our wigs, it comes in a variety of colors.  
 10.  This hairstyle is so flattering if your facial features are on the petite side. It is also great for cd/tg ladies in their 40-50's but also works for the younger gals as well. The Ellen wig is very classy yet chic, and comes in a similar brown color as well as many other shades.

Which wig is your favorite celebrity look-alike ??

All of our wigs come in various colors. Each style will have a color chart. Happy wig shopping friends :)


  1. We're looking at your lovely assortment of celebrity look-alike wigs....Barbara and I agree that if you get read while you are wearing any of need a lot of help with styling....that's part of why I depend on her to make me passable! Of course, we couldn't choose among so many...but we will, because we have to look really great at a directors' dinner next week...We use a PerfecterBrush to style with....low heat... thanks for all your quality products....kisses...Mitchie

  2. OK.....thanking you once more for your great products...that make me confident...and passable! you...Mitchie

  3. You are soo welcome Mitch!! Thank you for your lovely feedback!