Friday, November 28, 2014

5 Cross-Dressing Tips on how to Pose & Look More Feminine for the Camera

Crossdressers love to take photographs. Whether you choose to share them on Facebook or you just store them for your own viewing pleasure, there are some easy pointers the top transformation artists know that will help you produce stunning shots. Follow these 5 simple tips to help achieve a more feminine pose. Keep in mind what type of look you are going for before posing for a shot. Always position yourself near natural lighting, such as a window.

1. Negative Space- Create triangles

When posing for a picture, you should pay attention to your negative space. You never want your arms straight down at your sides.  There should always be a gap between your arm and your waist. This will also help make your waist appear more narrow.
If you don't know where to put your arms try to create a triangle or diamond shape with your negative space. Whether your arm is by your side or over your head. Notice below, Paris Hilton's arm creates a perfect triangle shape, making for the perfect pose. Her other arm is in more of a diamond shape.

2. Arch your Back

Stand up nice and tall and slightly arch your back. Make sure your shoulders are back and your chest is slightly out. Have a confident and feminine stance. Whatever you do, don't slouch!


3. One leg in front of the other

Notice how Paris has one leg in front of the other. Always stand with one leg slightly in front of the other and slightly bend the front leg. Even if you are standing and want to cross your legs, make sure one is in front of the other. This will enhance the look of your calves as well.


4. Perfect your Smile

Practice, practice, practice! Putting on a pretend smile has been proven to actually make people happier, so why not perfect your smile by doing it all of the time? Smile as much as you can and it will show in pictures. Make sure to smile in front of a mirror as well to see what looks best. You also have to consider what type of look you are going for when smiling. If you want to look fun and flirty then make sure you show your teeth.  If you are going for a seductive look you don’t need to show teeth. The seductive smile is all about the eyes with a slightly slanted smirk. 


5. Position your Face 
A common portrait problem is the dreaded double chin. To avoid this you need to elongate your neck. Try pushing your face forward a bit and tip your chin slightly down. This is going to take some practice and will definitely feel awkward at first, but will be worth the outcome.  Another very feminine pose is to lean your head back and look at the camera as shown below or the over the shoulder look.      


When in doubt go with the red carpet pose. I know it sounds cliché but it will help make you look slimmer and is always a flattering look in pictures. Place your hand on your hip and slightly angle your body. Turn your head towards the camera and elongate your face with your chin slightly down. It's basically just putting all of these tips in one.

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  1. Hm! Triangle posing! Great plan! And yes, it's a good idea to cross your legs - show them off!