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Different Types of Corsets for CD/TG

There are so many different types of corsets... How are you supposed to know which one is for you? The short answer is to call and ask a Glamour Boutique associate, but if you don't have time to give us a call then take a look at this simple guide to the many styles and shapes of corsets. Each corset has a different function. We have one for every body type- short, long, or average torsos. We have options for small, medium or large body frames as well. Our most popular material would be the satin, although some prefer leather as it is a much stronger. We also offer cotton corsets which allows better circulation, keeping your body a little cooler. Every corset style and material have a different purpose and function. Read on to make sure you choose the best style for you.

Cincher Corset
Cincher’s are a good starting off point for beginners. They are nice and short allowing for your body to get used to the steel bones. If you are just beginning, stay away from double boned, and full cup corsets until your body is used to wearing or training with a cincher/under bust. The cincher allows for more flexibility and movement making the process easier for beginners.  The cincher’s are 10-10 ½ inches long and are ideal for an average body frame. Cinchers are less bulky and are great for wearing under outfits. They are small enough to wear over your outfit as well. Can reduce waist up to 4 inches. 


Underbust Corset
Underbust corsets are also recommended for beginners. This corset is good if you have a larger belly and need that extra coverage. As you can see in the picture, the bottom comes to a V to cover any extra belly flesh from coming out of the bottom. The underbust corset measures 11 ½ - 12 inches. Most underbust corsets are also cut a little higher in the hip area. This corset is better if you are looking for a greater reduction to your waist, as it is longer than the cincher, it covers more of your waist and belly.

Underbust Corset

Underbust Corset for Longer Torso's
The underbust corset  for longer torso's is great for those that are very tall and need a longer corset to cover their entire torso. It measures 14 inches long. Like the other under bust corsets, this one too comes to a V towards the bottom for that extra support. This corset is for long torsos only. If you have a shorter torso, this one will wind up digging into your leg/crotch area when sitting down, so make sure if you go with this corset that you have a long enough torso for a 14 inch long corset.  

Corset for Longer Torso's

Double Boned Corsets
The extra strong double boned corsets are ideal for extreme waist training and will allow for a more intense cinching of the waist.  This is also a good option for those who have a larger frame and are a little heavier. This corset measures 13 inches long and has 22 steel bones. The double bones will help with the waist reduction, providing a stronger cinch than single bones. The double boned corsets come as cinchers and under bust corsets. As mentioned before the cincher will target more of the waist area, where the under bust provides more coverage around the hips and below the breasts.

Extra Strong Double Boned Corset

PK1 for Longer Torso’s
The PK1 is another great option for those with longer torsos. This is a full corset with a full cup. This corset shows the full effect of an hourglass figure- slimming your waist and lifting your bust for a voluptuous look. The cup is great if you do not want to wear a bra- the half cup gives enough support to hold you in. We recommend that you order 2-4 inches below existing waist size for the PK1.


Wasp Cincher
The Double Boned Wasp Cinchers is great for really targeting the waist area. The Wasp is only 8 inches long intending to cinch the immediate waist area. The double bones  and targeted area on the waist ensure a beautifully cinched waist. The Waspie can cinch up to 4-6 inches off of your waist.

Wasp Waist Cincher


Measuring for a corset:
Using a paper or cloth tape measurer, measure the narrowest part of your waist- for generic females that is 2 inches above belly button, for men that is across the belly button. This measurement is your actual waist size. Take your waist size and subtract 4-6 inches-This is your corset size.

For example: Todd measures around his belly button and finds out he has a 34 inch waist. He is going to buy a size 30 corset.

All corsets are steel-boned and lace at the back. We have satin, leather, and cotton corsets.

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