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The Life of Tawni Bonds -- Cross Dressing Model & Author

Tawni Katherine Bonds was born at the age of 6 when her older sister and friend were babysitting her. They tied her to a chair, put make-up on her, and then made her dress in a leotard and walked her around. Ever after, she tried to dress whenever possible. Tawni suddenly felt like she was normal and in the right clothes.

For years, Tawni secretly dressed in her sisters clothes, and sometimes her mothers too. She was almost caught once or twice. She suspects that her mother knew all about it but never said anything. One day, Tawni and her mother read the Rene Richards story. Tawni was eleven years old and felt it was a good time to discuss the story with her mother. The conversation did not go as she expected. The violent reaction from her mother caused Tawni to hide her dressing even further. Had her mother been more open, Tawni is sure she would have gone in for the transition at that time.

Tawni blossomed when she went to college and was able to dress whenever she pleased, and she did dress quite a bit- attending various fraternity parties as the mysterious girl no one seemed to know. Because of this, she dressed more and her confidence grew, until the unfortunate event of a near rape occurred. After calling the police, she disappeared for several years.

That was until the day she discovered a group called, Couch Kittens, who she found on the internet. That was the day she was brought back out, and was introduced to the scene for the first time in Los Angeles, where she has been dressing and going out ever since.

Recently, Tawni came out  to her brother and sister, both of whom excepted it freely and even encouragingly.

Tawni has a vivid imagination and has written a number of novel length stories about what might be the most fun nights out for girls like her. They are both erotic, sensual, hot, and very realistic- so much so that many believe she actually lived them out herself and is only writing what happened.

Tawni is also an accomplished model now, thanks to an internet friend who taught her how to pose, and what to do to minimize her male features and maximize her female features- which she is blessed with through no fault of her own. Her waist measures 28'' and she is 5'10'' tall, 135 lbs. and growing!

"My favorite thing to do is wear silk stockings, garters, high heels, a mini-skirt, and tight sleeveless top and go dancing," Tawni says. "I also love to try on new looks and pose for the camera...but yet, I am incredibly shy when out!"

About the Book:

"I have written so many novel length stories about the surprise of being discovered and what happens then... but my newest novel, The Night, was born from a real experience. I dressed at a hotel on a business trip and stupidly got locked out of my room. Yes, a couple of guys asked if they could help me but I was so shy and afraid that I basically just ignored them and fled with nowhere to go for help without revealing my true identity. I stood pondering my situation when the elevator chimed that was in front of me as I froze as two men exited... suddenly this was the busiest hotel floor in the hotel. Eventually was able to get back to my room by calling the maid service from a phone by the elevators. It was harrowing and so very exciting that when I got back in my room I wrote the story of that night as I had wished it would have happened!

I am writing the sequel to the book now-- asked for by popular demand, but I have several other books ready to go that I polishing at the moment as well as writing some chapters for my good friend, Carollyn Olson's forthcoming sequel to, Crowning Glory."

Read Tawni Katherine Bond's, "The Night- A Cross Dressing Fantasy"

To find out more about Tawni visit her page, www.tawnibonds.com

Thank you to Tawni Katherine Bonds for kindly sharing her story and biography with GlamourBoutique.com


  1. Living a dream is always positive. You have experienced such that your able to pass it on to others. Good fortune to you!

  2. I can relate totally with Twani, gotta love being THAT girl.

  3. Fabulous story on my dear friend, Tawni. She is a sensational and sexy lady, who will do anything for you. She is also one of the most exciting writers to come along in years. Her book, "The Night" is wonderful first effort of intrigue and exotica. I'm so proud of her accomplishments.

  4. Thanks so much for your kind and generous comments and good wishes! I hope you will continue to enjoy my pictures and books and that if you see me you say Hello!


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  5. I admire your nerve, Tawni ......I went through some rough times, myself.....I easily identify....Don't ever give up, girlfriend.....not after coming this far.....warm hugs....sweet kisses, more......Mitchie699