Saturday, December 27, 2014

Guide to Breast Forms for Cross Dressers

 To make shopping for breast forms a little easier for you, we have put together a list of Glamour Boutique's top sellers so you can see which forms others had success with.

There is a form for every one, whether you want a busty look, more natural, or something less expensive to wear under a bra. Every one wants something different in a breast form so  read on below to find the perfect form to fit your needs.

Busty look

o   Rounded triangle shape – silicone

o   Full busty look

o   Very soft

o   Works great under lingerie or topless
o   Concaved- great for pre-existing breast flesh

Boobs on a Budget

o   #1 seller- very affordable, only $49.95 a pair

o   Teardrop shape-silicone

o   Slightly contoured - forms nicely around average chest size

o   Great protrusion

Natural look

o   Very life-like

o   Natural Matte finish- not shiny

o   # 1 Selling German silicone

o   Conservative nipple
o   Concaved - forms nicely around average chest size

o   Natural shape- slightly triangular
o   Very realistic projecting nipple
o   Super-soft Silicone
o   Nice Matte finish- not shiny
o   Great for everyday wear in bras, under lingerie or topless
o   Concaved - forms nicely around average to full chest size


o   Natural oval shape - Silicone

o   Great for conservative proportionate dressing, lingerie or topless

o   Natural color and feel
o   Perky realistic nipple
o   Concaved back - Great for pre-existing breast flesh

Best Selling Adhesives
Our two top selling adhesive kit's are the Gb2 which includes 3 Adhesive Removers and 1 Hollister Medical Adhesive. The Hollister Spray will last for a couple of attachments. The second top selling kit is, The Complete Breast Form Adhesive Kit. This includes 1 Hollister Medical Adhesive, 1 Remover, and a pack of 24 double sided medical Skin Tac wipes which makes your adhesive last twice as long. Each are sold individually as well. The Skin Tac Barrier Wipes are a great skin prep prior to applying your breast forms and mean you can use much less actual adhesive.

 Breast Form Bra's
     The Sheer Pocket Jiggle Bra is great if you prefer to not use adhesives. Simply slip your breast forms in the pockets and you are ready to go. We offer the sheer pocket jiggle bra in black, nude, and white for different occasions.
Sheer Pocket Jiggle Bra- Black          Sheer Pocket Jiggle Bra- Nude       Sheer Pocket Jiggle Bra- White

The Affordable Bra is a perfect underwire bra for when you are using
 adhesives. This bra has no padding, which is very important when choosing a
 bra for breast forms. If there is any padding, your breast form will not fit
 properly in the bra. It also has a supportive module for additional lift and cleavage.

BR5228 Affordable Bra

 If you live near northern New Jersey and feel like you may need some extra

help, don't hesitate to call us to book an appointment so you can be sized and

 try on our different forms to find the right one for your body. Visit for contact information.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Cross Dresser Tips for Getting a Clean Close Shave

Shaving is probably one of the most frustrating parts of being a cross dresser. You think you do everything just right by using a good shaving cream and a new razor all to find out that you still have the same irritated red skin afterwards. The worst is when you still have some stubble that will just not disappear. The key to a clean close shave is a soft face. Read on to find out some of our secrets.

1. Moisturize
Since facial hair absorbs most of the moisture in your face, wetting your beard with water is simply not enough. Your beard will soak up that moisture rather quickly leaving your face dry again. Moisturize your face 15 minutes before shaving. Really glob it on, leaving a white layer of moisturizer on your face. Let it soak in your skin until you are ready to shave. Use a moisturizer WITHOUT alcohol in it. Alcohol will immediately dry up your skin.

2. Baby Oil + Warm Towel
This is a great trick to keep your face nice and soft. Rub some baby oil on your face and place a warm towel over your beard. Hold it down for a few minutes to let the oil soften your face. Added bonus, it feels amazing! Right after this you want to shave. Only apply the baby oil when you are ready to shave.

3. Use 2 razors
When choosing a shaving cream, be sure that it has lubricant and moisturizers in it. This will help keep your face nice and soft while shaving. You want two razors, one with multiple blades (preferably a four or more) the other one should be a single blade for the hard to reach areas. To make sure you are not too rough on your skin, first go over your face with the four blade and then clean and moisturize your face. Then you can go back and touch up the hard to reach places with the single blade razor.

4. Shower and Shave
 One of the most common causes for razor burn is applying shaving cream to a dry face. Even though your face is well prepped, it is still a good idea to shave in the shower so you face is constantly moist. Make sure the shower water is on warm not cold.  Shave in the direction of your beard growth to avoid bumps and nicks. I know sometimes the only way to get certain hairs out is to shave in the opposite direction but do try to avoid this. You can get the stubborn hairs out with your smaller, single blade razor. Be sure to rinse your blade very frequently and do not shave over the same area more than once. I know it may be tempting to use women's shaving cream but cross dressers should be sure to use a men's shaving cream.

5. Cleanse & Moisturize Again
Once you are out of the shower, wash your face with warm water and a face cleanser (preferably one with tea tree oil). Cleansers that have tea tree oil in them help protect your face from razor burn and rashes. After cleansing your face apply a moisturizer. Your face is most vulnerable after shaving so be sure to soften it back up with a nice shaving moisturizer.

Ok so to sum it all up-
  • Moisturize face very well, layering it on 15 minutes before shaving
  • Apply baby oil and warm towel, let sit for a few minutes
  • Shower and shave directly after
  • When shaving, remember to use two razors, one with four blades and the other a single blade.
  • Clean the blade frequently, shave with the grain, and don't shave over the same spot more than once. Simply moisturize and go back to re-shave the tough spots once your face is nice and soft again.
  • Cleanse face with warm water and apply shaving moisturizer
For those of you with fast growing shadows remember to apply 'beard cover' before you apply foundation as part of your makeover regime. That way when the stubble does start to come through it will be well and truly masked by the beard cover.

Have a few shaving tricks of your own? Please leave a comment below, I know our readers will really appreciate it. Hope this article was helpful!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Cross Dressers Guide to Sexy Legs

Since most cross dressers already have naturally toned legs there is little effort involved in making your legs go from nice looking to show stopping. Try to put in the extra effort where you can ... It will be worth it trust me. Follow these simple steps and you will be shocked at how amazing your legs look after.

1. First Exfoliate
This is a very important step for a couple of reasons. First off, exfoliating will remove dry and flaky skin. Secondly, it will get rid of any stubborn hairs that may irritate your skin while shaving.

 Apply your exfoliate cream to a loofah or body brush and start scrubbing your body in a circular motion. If you do not have an exfoliate cream already don't worry because there are several ways you can make one with just a few items from your kitchen. Mix together granulated sugar, honey, body oil, and some water and you have yourself your own homemade exfoliate.

2. Now you can Shave

Now that you have exfoliated your legs you can begin to shave them. For the cleanest shave, use a razor with 4 blades like Schick Quatro.  (if this is your first time shaving use an electric razor first to remove a majority of the hair) Make sure to replace your razor when you start to feel it tugging at your hairs.

There is no set time to replace it, because it really depends on how often you shave and how coarse your hair is. For the best shave, wet your legs, apply shaving cream, and begin shaving in an upward motion. When shaving, make sure you get out all of the hairs, even the stubborn ones(which should be no problem because you exfoliated!) for the best result.

3. Apply Barrier Cream  

Barrier cream is used by spray tanners to avoid getting tan on places that normally don't see sun. You can use a regular lotion if you do not feel like going out and purchasing barrier cream.

In the next step I suggest using a tanning spray but first you need to apply some lotion to the areas of your legs that you do not want to get tan. For example, your knees, ankles, heels, etc. This will block the spray tan from these areas.

4. Add a Natural Glow 

There are so many different tanning lotions and creams you can use but to achieve the most natural look I suggest a spray, because this will lightly mist on your tan instead of globing it on.  Try Neutrogena's micro-mist airbrush sunless tanning. Pay attention to the different shades to make sure you get a color to match your skin tone.

5. Wear High Heels

Now that you are all pampered and your legs are clean shaven and have a natural glow you want to put on a nice pair of high heels to really accentuate your calf muscles.

Heels don't just make your legs look amazing but also help your bust and butt protrude as well. Wearing heels often will also help build and tone your calf muscles, allowing them to look just as amazing without wearing heels.

Of course if your lifestyle prohibits the art of shaving your legs you can give the appearance of healthy, natural legs by wearing a pair of opaque pantyhose that not only mask hair and blemishes, but have a natural sheen to make you look oh-so healthy, no matter the time of year.

Now you are ready to go pamper those legs...Enjoy!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

5 Tips to a more feminine Butt for CD/TG

A curvy bottom is one of the most admired features of the female figure. The preferred method to a naturally big butt would be to grow your glute muscles by doing a ton of squats and lunges, but for many this is close to impossible. So if you suffer from a flat bottom and don’t have the time to be at the gym for hours than follow these simple tricks and you will have a bigger booty in no time.

1. Padded Panties
Unfortunately not everyone is born with a show stopping bottom like Jlo, so you may have to settle with the next best thing. Padded panties will be your new best friend. They look great under dresses and skirts, giving you that perfect round shape. Try our La Curvy Padded Panties if you are a first time booty buyer. If you think you want something more life like than you can give the silicone padded panty a go.

La Curvy Padded Panty

La Curvy Padded Panty Before & After

2. Wear High Heels
 Wearing high heels not only make your legs look sexier but will help your butt and boobs protrude more as well. Wearing heels forces you to arch your back which will make your butt stick out more.

3. Ruffled Shorts
Since padded panties are really only ideal under clothes, try petti panties or ruffled shorts. These will add a little volume to your butt and make you feel more feminine when you are lounging around the house.

4. Cinch your waist
Having a small waist is going to make your butt look larger by proportion. Try a waist cincher or underbust corset to create the ultimate illusion. This will also help  you to achieve the ideal female hourglass figure.

5. Wear the Right Outfit 

Certain dresses and skirts will make your butt look more prominent. Once you have your padded panties, cincher, and heels on you now need to find that perfect outfit to bring it all together. Certain fabrics can flatten your butt right out so choosing the correct material is very important as well as the style of the outfit. Keep your eye out for dresses made of lycra or spandex. Bodycon dresses are very flattering to the butt as they are stretchy and form fitting. Avoid A-line skirts as this will actually make your butt appear smaller. Pictured below is our Bodycon and Stretch dress, both very flattering to the booty.

Do you have a booty enhancing technique that was not listed above? If so, please share in the comment section below!
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