Thursday, December 18, 2014

Cross Dresser Tips for Getting a Clean Close Shave

Shaving is probably one of the most frustrating parts of being a cross dresser. You think you do everything just right by using a good shaving cream and a new razor all to find out that you still have the same irritated red skin afterwards. The worst is when you still have some stubble that will just not disappear. The key to a clean close shave is a soft face. Read on to find out some of our secrets.

1. Moisturize
Since facial hair absorbs most of the moisture in your face, wetting your beard with water is simply not enough. Your beard will soak up that moisture rather quickly leaving your face dry again. Moisturize your face 15 minutes before shaving. Really glob it on, leaving a white layer of moisturizer on your face. Let it soak in your skin until you are ready to shave. Use a moisturizer WITHOUT alcohol in it. Alcohol will immediately dry up your skin.

2. Baby Oil + Warm Towel
This is a great trick to keep your face nice and soft. Rub some baby oil on your face and place a warm towel over your beard. Hold it down for a few minutes to let the oil soften your face. Added bonus, it feels amazing! Right after this you want to shave. Only apply the baby oil when you are ready to shave.

3. Use 2 razors
When choosing a shaving cream, be sure that it has lubricant and moisturizers in it. This will help keep your face nice and soft while shaving. You want two razors, one with multiple blades (preferably a four or more) the other one should be a single blade for the hard to reach areas. To make sure you are not too rough on your skin, first go over your face with the four blade and then clean and moisturize your face. Then you can go back and touch up the hard to reach places with the single blade razor.

4. Shower and Shave
 One of the most common causes for razor burn is applying shaving cream to a dry face. Even though your face is well prepped, it is still a good idea to shave in the shower so you face is constantly moist. Make sure the shower water is on warm not cold.  Shave in the direction of your beard growth to avoid bumps and nicks. I know sometimes the only way to get certain hairs out is to shave in the opposite direction but do try to avoid this. You can get the stubborn hairs out with your smaller, single blade razor. Be sure to rinse your blade very frequently and do not shave over the same area more than once. I know it may be tempting to use women's shaving cream but cross dressers should be sure to use a men's shaving cream.

5. Cleanse & Moisturize Again
Once you are out of the shower, wash your face with warm water and a face cleanser (preferably one with tea tree oil). Cleansers that have tea tree oil in them help protect your face from razor burn and rashes. After cleansing your face apply a moisturizer. Your face is most vulnerable after shaving so be sure to soften it back up with a nice shaving moisturizer.

Ok so to sum it all up-
  • Moisturize face very well, layering it on 15 minutes before shaving
  • Apply baby oil and warm towel, let sit for a few minutes
  • Shower and shave directly after
  • When shaving, remember to use two razors, one with four blades and the other a single blade.
  • Clean the blade frequently, shave with the grain, and don't shave over the same spot more than once. Simply moisturize and go back to re-shave the tough spots once your face is nice and soft again.
  • Cleanse face with warm water and apply shaving moisturizer
For those of you with fast growing shadows remember to apply 'beard cover' before you apply foundation as part of your makeover regime. That way when the stubble does start to come through it will be well and truly masked by the beard cover.

Have a few shaving tricks of your own? Please leave a comment below, I know our readers will really appreciate it. Hope this article was helpful!

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