Saturday, December 27, 2014

Guide to Breast Forms for Cross Dressers

 To make shopping for breast forms a little easier for you, we have put together a list of Glamour Boutique's top sellers so you can see which forms others had success with.

There is a form for every one, whether you want a busty look, more natural, or something less expensive to wear under a bra. Every one wants something different in a breast form so  read on below to find the perfect form to fit your needs.

Busty look

o   Rounded triangle shape – silicone

o   Full busty look

o   Very soft

o   Works great under lingerie or topless
o   Concaved- great for pre-existing breast flesh

Boobs on a Budget

o   #1 seller- very affordable, only $49.95 a pair

o   Teardrop shape-silicone

o   Slightly contoured - forms nicely around average chest size

o   Great protrusion

Natural look

o   Very life-like

o   Natural Matte finish- not shiny

o   # 1 Selling German silicone

o   Conservative nipple
o   Concaved - forms nicely around average chest size

o   Natural shape- slightly triangular
o   Very realistic projecting nipple
o   Super-soft Silicone
o   Nice Matte finish- not shiny
o   Great for everyday wear in bras, under lingerie or topless
o   Concaved - forms nicely around average to full chest size


o   Natural oval shape - Silicone

o   Great for conservative proportionate dressing, lingerie or topless

o   Natural color and feel
o   Perky realistic nipple
o   Concaved back - Great for pre-existing breast flesh

Best Selling Adhesives
Our two top selling adhesive kit's are the Gb2 which includes 3 Adhesive Removers and 1 Hollister Medical Adhesive. The Hollister Spray will last for a couple of attachments. The second top selling kit is, The Complete Breast Form Adhesive Kit. This includes 1 Hollister Medical Adhesive, 1 Remover, and a pack of 24 double sided medical Skin Tac wipes which makes your adhesive last twice as long. Each are sold individually as well. The Skin Tac Barrier Wipes are a great skin prep prior to applying your breast forms and mean you can use much less actual adhesive.

 Breast Form Bra's
     The Sheer Pocket Jiggle Bra is great if you prefer to not use adhesives. Simply slip your breast forms in the pockets and you are ready to go. We offer the sheer pocket jiggle bra in black, nude, and white for different occasions.
Sheer Pocket Jiggle Bra- Black          Sheer Pocket Jiggle Bra- Nude       Sheer Pocket Jiggle Bra- White

The Affordable Bra is a perfect underwire bra for when you are using
 adhesives. This bra has no padding, which is very important when choosing a
 bra for breast forms. If there is any padding, your breast form will not fit
 properly in the bra. It also has a supportive module for additional lift and cleavage.

BR5228 Affordable Bra

 If you live near northern New Jersey and feel like you may need some extra

help, don't hesitate to call us to book an appointment so you can be sized and

 try on our different forms to find the right one for your body. Visit for contact information.

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  1. The dolly style breastforms are amazing. I always dream of having a large bust to show off in low neck tops and men aren't unhappy when I tell them they're fake.