Thursday, August 13, 2015

Transgender Issues more visible in the Media - surely a good thing?

Have you noticed what a 'glut' of programming there has been over the last year or two that focus on or include transgender characters and/or issues? There are those groundbreaking series like 'Orange is the New Black' starring Laverne Cox that have become incredibly popular series in their own right. Then there have been 'smaller' projects like 'Transparent' by Amazon Studios tucked away on their growing streaming service. Starring the great actor Jeffrey Tambor the programme deals with a family and their discovery that the person they have always known as their father is transgender. Tambor has won a Golden Globe in the role and the series won Golden Globe for best Television Series. It is now in it's third series and is required viewing for many who consider themselves mainstream.

Add to these critically acclaimed series other programmes like ABC's 'Dirty Sexy Money' that have recurring transgender characters and the plethora of reality programmes currently on view and there has never been a better time it would seem for the general populace to be educated about transgender folk. Most will have heard of 'I am Cait' tracing the follow on of Bruce Jenner from  Kardashian clan member to setting out on her own as Cait. But make sure to check out two more reality programmes 'Becoming Us' and 'I am Jazz' that we think will appeal especially to the younger generations and are being well received.

Is there too much too soon? Are studios and producers trying to jump on the next 'hot thing' in terms of issue-driven dramas, reality programmes and films or is any good publicity around these issues good publicity? I guess it depends on how the producers, writers and directors treat the subject matter. They need to do their research and not go for easy characatures when creating scripts and if shooting reality programmes not make the subjects look like freaks as often happened in the 70's and 80's with gay characters in the media.

Jill Soloway the creator of 'Transparent' was inspired by her own experience since her father is transgender. So not only is she writing from a truthful place but she is also an incredibly talented artist with past credits as a writer including 'Six Feet Under'. Furthermore, Soloway, after the initial series actively sought out trans-writers to ensure ongoing authenticity. This recipe where you seek out the truth and use the best talent will always work to produce intelligent, entertaining and issue-based viewing. 

I have been pleasantly surprised hearing conversations about these programmes in the general public. Of course most talk is about 'I am Cait' since many of the older generations remember Jenner winning his Olympic gold medal. Coupled with his re-emergence in recent years as part of the Kardashian family exploits and now transforming into Cait. This is a good thing and hopefully the people around Cait are mindful of their responsibility to Cait, the transgender community as a whole and the general viewing populace

Those in the media can make a great difference on how these issues are understood by us all and how society moves foward to be more understanding and less frightened of people and things who they perceive as 'different'. I have no fears for the younger generations since they appear to be so much more in tune with modern day life via social media and so much more 'chilled out' about differences, whether race, religion, gender or sexuality. A couple of months ago I attended a presentation ceremony for young 16 and 17 year old girls who had just completed a week long leadership programme at a university in NJ. One recipient that received the most applause was a boy - the only one on the course. It was explained to the audience that this person attended the course a year ago just prior to transitioning and that now this 'young man' was about to join the Marines. On the way home I asked my attendee daughter how everyone related to this situation to which she replied "Dad, we don't have the hang-ups and preconceptions your generation do. There were no issues at all since most of us just take people at face value and we actually like people and things that are 'different'; it's interesting".

It's estimated there are approximately 700,000 transgender individuals in the United States. In a recent GLAAD/Harris Interactive Poll 90% said they new or had known someone gay/lesbian or bisexual but that only 8% could say they new or had known a transgender person. This would seem to imply that for 92% of the American population, their only point of contact with the transgender community is via the media. If that doesn't concentrate the minds of the media to act in a responsible way then I'm not sure what will. So let's all watch to see how this plays out and hopefully the early signs of the past year or two will continue to present positive messaging. I for one feel confident that with the influx of transgender issues illuminated in the media and the younger generation coming on behind, the world will eventually be a better place.

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Friday, August 7, 2015

Occasionally Ava- The Story of a Beautiful Cross Dresser

Every cross dresser has their own journey on what made them who they are today. Some dress all the time and enjoy going out in femme and others prefer to dress in the comfort of their own home. takes pride in being able to share each individual's story.

Our friend, Ava has been kind enough to take the time to let us in on her very humbling life. She is such a beautiful individual inside and out so we are so grateful we get to share this with all of you.

Ava's interest in femininity started way back to when she was in preschool. She finds comfort in dressing occasionally and talking to others like herself online.  Sharing her story and her beauty with the world is something really special, and although she cannot become an activist right now as she someday wishes, we hope her story will add some comfort to your life like others have done for her.

"The oldest of four brothers, I grew up in a middle class family on the Norwegian Atlantic Coast. My parents are loving, hard-working people, not rich but we had what´s important in life. Christian Faith was dominant in a way, although I have tried not to impose this on my own children, yet still I don’t think religion had any influence on my girly development.

My first transgenderish memories go back to preschool years. The girl next door wore dresses and pantyhose in the playground and I remember envying her. Through adolescence I read all I could find on girl stuff; my mother´s magazines on fashion and  makeup, interviews with beautiful celebrities and especially makeover pieces. Though I mostly identified as a boy, I never found interest in sports and spent much time alone making different stuff, sewing, drawing, doing woodwork, playing with mechanics. Socially I was kind of a hermit and I never revealed my inner feelings to anyone.   

Then came the army, college, university, marriage and family. I got busy doing typical young professional and father things and the girly urges were gone for twenty years. I thought I was cured, of course, finally settled as a MAN! Then everything came back in my late thirties, at my despair, and dealing with it took a lot of energy. I started showing signs of depression and my wife, who is an extraordinary woman, worried about me. One evening, in a restaurant, I told her I am a transvestite. This wasn´t planned, but I was exhausted from keeping secrets from her and it just slipped over the table. She freaked out and raised the expected “you are gay? You want to leave me?” questions, but we held it together and she relaxed gradually. She has come to terms with it now, but wants no part in it and does not want to see me en femme. 

Since then, I have found a sense of comfort in being an occasional cross dresser. I ponder less than before and find it relaxing but even more important, as a source of like-minded friends all over the world. From the girls I have met I feel us to be so similar in many ways; in acceptance, empathy and generally liberal attitudes to life and work. The feeling that I am one of thousands, maybe millions, is crucial to my self-esteem and sense of security in life.

I do not go out dressed. Clubbing has never attracted me as I am basically an introvert but still, I find great joy in being with other girls in safe and quiet settings. If I were to go out regularly, it would be with a dream of not drawing attention, just being accepted as a tall, good looking person. The aesthetics of human beauty are universal to me. I try not to see specific “female” and “masculine” forms, rather a distinction between rough/empowered and soft/sophisticated ones. 

Our culture assigns rough/empowered expressions to men with women gradually adopting them, while the soft/sophisticated ones remain women only. I hope this will change and if I were single, I might become an activist for the cause. Being a father of three in a small town though, I see this choice might expose my dearest ones in a way I cannot control. Thus, I will probably wait for my kids to grow up and leave the nest before I take my female passions to the next level. 

Thank you to Glamour Boutique for being a safe harbor and inspiration to us all, and for presenting our stories."



If you would like to share your story with please contact us at We would love to hear from you!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A Cross Dresser's Quick Guide to Women's Shoes

Are you a 'shoe whore' with a closet full of wedges, stilettos, and even thigh length boots or do you have just a single pair of shoes that has to cover all dressing occasions? Are you new to dressing and bamboozled by all the choices before you. Well, if you don't know your Christian Louboutin's stiletto's from your Chanel pumps here's a quick breakdown of the most popular styles of ladies shoes. 

There are of course many more but these are the most common styles we are asked about. Do bear in mind that there are many variations within each different style; for example, a Mary Jane can be a flat, it can have a 3" block heel and it can even come in a platform version.

When shopping for shoes the quick terminology will help you find what you are looking for whether you are shopping in person at the local stores in your mall or online at your favorite crossdressing store when looking for those larger sizes.

If you are a novice to ladies shoes do yourself and your 'piggies' a favor and start with no more than a 3" heel. That way you will not only achieve some nice feminine calf definition with the elevated height but you will also be able to walk quite comfortably. If starting out there is a big difference between a 3 and a 4 inch heel. Remember also that if you do want to have high heels of 5" plus that if you find shoes with some platform on the sole it will make walking much easier than just a flat soled stiletto, for example.

Make sure you know your size in ladies shoes which will also save time and make sure you find the right fitting shoe every time.'s ladies shoes tend to run to the following conversion for men: for closed toe shoes go up 2 sizes from your male shoe and for open-toes go up 1.5 sizes from your male size to get the correct ladies shoe size.

If you need any assistance gauging fit or style for shoes or simply would like an opinion on what may be right for your outfit then feel free to contact us via the website. Go to our Learning Center for more articles on shoes, walking in high heels and other advice for crossdressers.

Friday, July 24, 2015

4 Quick Tips to Feminine Looking Hands for Cross Dressers

Feminizing your hands is either something you struggle with constantly or you don't even think about. Either way, it is an important step in completing your female look. You can be dressed from head to toe in the sexiest outfit with the best makeup job, but if you have manly looking hands this will be a dead giveaway! There are a few things you can do to avoid this and make your hands look a little more feminine.

1. Groom your Nails

Whether you are going to put on false nails or not you first want to make sure they are properly groomed. Start by soaking your hands in some warm soapy water. Then take a nail brush and clean under your finger nails. Next you want to clip your finger nails, but make sure that you are not cutting them too short!! Once your nails are clipped, you should file them with a nail filer so there are no jagged edges. If you have really thick cuticles then invest in a cuticle cutter and remove your cuticles after soaking.

If you choose to apply false nails but have trouble finding ones that fit your hands, try extra large nail tips for bigger hands. Wearing false nails is not only more feminine looking but also will help make your hands appear smaller.

2. Shave or Wax

If your hands are very hairy then you need to remove the hair. Waxing is going to be the best way to do this so there is no stubble. They have homemade waxing kits, which you can find at your local pharmacy. This is not as painful as you think it is, just make sure you do small strips at a time. If you prefer to shave, then just make sure you are using shaving cream and a good razor. You want to avoid any cuts or knicks so having a brand new razor is very important.

3. Moisturize

Once your nails are well groomed you want to moisturize your hands. This is something you should be doing everyday, but if you don't have the time or forget then try to soak them in a moisturizer before going out. They make gloves for this, where you can put on moisturizer and the terry cloth gloves and soak your hands for 20 minutes. This will help your hands become nice and soft.

4. Larger Accessories

Now that your hands are well groomed you want to add some larger accessories to make your hands appear smaller. Try some pretty stretch rings and bangle cuffs as these are made to fit your larger hands while at the same time will work to make your hands appear smaller because they are larger accessories. If it is the winter, you can wear a flair sleeve that will cover half of your hand, making it much easier to add on a few stretch rings- completing your feminine look!

I hope these 4 tips helped your hands become a little more feminine! Remember to moisturize your hands after every time you wash them. Washing our hands too much causes them to become very dry, so keeping some lotion by your sink is a good way to remind yourself to moisturize after every wash.

For more feminizing tips and tricks check out Learning Center!

Monday, July 20, 2015

4 Simple ways to Build your Confidence as a Cross Dresser

Whether you are new to cross dressing or have been doing it for years, it is important to be confident in your new found self. Even if you don't wish to be passable in public, you still want to feel comfortable in your own skin. When you see a really attractive woman you may be wondering what is it about them that is so appealing? This is almost always- confidence. Being confident is one of the most important parts of being a woman. 

Some of these tips to building your self-esteem and feminine confidence below take time but are so worth it in the end- you will feel like a new woman!

1. Find a Friend

Having a few friends, or even one will make a huge difference. They will give you the confidence to embrace your inner self. If you don't feel comfortable going on in public then meet some friends online- there are so many great online communities for cross dressers that you will definitely find someone you click with! Who knows maybe one time you two can meet and go out for lunch or drinks. Just having someone to talk to and understand your feelings will make you feel a lot more accepted and confident.

2. Don't Stop Learning! 

Let's face it, being a lady is not an easy job. Learning how to dress, do makeup, walk, and talk is not something that happens over night. Continue to build on your skills and you will feel more confident each and every day. Don't try to learn everything at once either. Choose one thing at a time, and try to master it before you move on to the next. Watch plenty of You tube videos, talk to other cross dressers, read blogs, look at pictures and tutorials and you will soon be the one who is teaching others how to be their best feminine self! 

3. Be a Risk Taker

Okay, this is an important one. Getting outside of your comfort zone is a quick and easy way to boost your confidence. Well, maybe I shouldn't say easy, because there is a reason you stay in your comfort zone right? Because its comfortable!! Start by writing down one thing a week that you want to overcome. Whether it's to walk down the street or around your neighborhood in femme, or maybe go to a club in a super tight dress and high heels- whatever you have been fantasizing about doing but just haven't been able to. Write down the reasons of what is stopping you from doing these things, and then take the risk and overcome one at a time. This will instantly boost your confidence and you will realize you can really do anything you put your mind to.

4.  Don't feel Guilty & Don't Give Up

Don't feel guilty for who you are. Most people are their own worst enemies. More importantly though, don't give up on yourself. Don't blame yourself for things that are out of your control- being hard on yourself is slowly destroying your confidence. Good news is, confidence is like a muscle that you can build and grow to be nice and strong. 

Continue to improve on your weaknesses and build on what's most important to you. When you find that you are putting yourself down, you have to stop yourself and turn it into a positive thought. This is another reason friends are great- because they can help you improve on this. 

These are just some tips to get you started but don't stop here- Visit our learning center for some really great articles on to become a woman. Leave any questions you may have below and I will be more than happy to answer!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Shaping your Eyebrows; Part 2

Last week I wrote a how to on concealing your male eyebrows for those that cannot wax or pluck. This week I thought it would be useful to show you some different shape eyebrows and how to choose one that will compliment the shape of your face. After you cover up your eyebrows you then have a clean canvas to work with, where you can draw in your ideal eyebrows.

 Find what face shape you are below to see what type of brow you should be creating. 

Oval: If you have an oval face you want your eyebrows to be on the thinner side with a softer angle. Oval face shapes do have the most flexibility when it comes to your eyebrows but a softer, less dramatic arch will work the best for you. 

Long: If your face is long you want your eyebrows to give the illusion of a shorter face. In order to do this you want less of an arch and more of a flat eye brow shape.   

Round: For round faces you want a higher more dramatic arch to elongate your face. 

Square: Square faces have a prominent jaw bone and curves,  so you want your eye brow shape to balance out your jaw. You don't want your brow shape to be too angular but also want to avoid it being to round. Go with a softer angle to soften your jawline. 

Heart: Like the square face, heart faces also have strong curve so you want to soften the face with rounded eyebrows. Create a softer angle to soften the strong curvature of your face. 

Diamond: Diamond faces are the widest at the temples and cheek bones. To soften the face and make it appear less wide you want to create a curved eyebrow. 

Creating an Arch

No matter which eyebrow shape you are going for it is important to know how to create an arch. 

For your right brow, place your pencil on the right side of the nostril, using it as a ruler to see where you will start your brow. The start of your brow should line up with the tip of your nostril. 

To create the arch, take your pencil and place it at the tip of your nostril again, but instead of going straight up you want to go diagonal. passing through your pupil. This is illustrated below where it says B. 

The end of your brow should line up with the end of your eye. As you can see in illustration C, you again want to use your pencil as a ruler to line up your nostril and the end of your eye to where you should stop your eye brow. 

Creating the perfect eyebrows takes time and patience, it is not something that will be perfected immediately. If you are new at this, it will help to schedule a professional makeover and have the makeup artist walk you through how to create your eyebrows. After watching them, you will have a better idea of where to start and will have more confidence in doing so. If you are not located near to a facility that has a makeup artist who specializes in CD/TG's then look for simple solutions like the Affordable Eyebrow Stencil Kit that includes different shaped stencils and color to re-shape your brow easily.

 If you would like to book an appointment with a makeup artist, give us a call at 973-226-5588 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Crossdresser icon Heidi does Dresses

Long time friend of and past winner of the Glamour Girl Contest Heidi Phox is admired by many. We have had many customers believe Heidi is a genetic girl but we can state for the record that is not the case. So how come she makes it all look so easy and effortless? Does she have a 'go to' dress, accessories or box of tricks she has to use every-time she dresses to get that effect? We thought we'd send Heidi a box of goodies and see what she was able to come up with. 

We mailed Heidi a few dresses, some shoes and accessories and merely asked she send us back some stills and some video clips to show our viewers how easy it is to put together an easy evening outfit. We left it up to Heidi to choose the outfit and to match with whatever shoes or accessories she deemed appropriate. A few days later and we receive the first results - wow! One of the new girls in the office was adamant Heidi is a real girl and only relented when I showed a picture of her attaching a cleavage creator we had sent. Check out Heidi in our recent addition the Tight Fit Burgandy Dress:

The High neckline and long sleeves are perfect for concealment although the semi-sheer material used keeps you nice and cool on those long summer evenings. The lycra mix material allows enough stretch in the bust area for even DDD's if needed and yet the thinner cut through the hip gives the perfect feminizing silhouette. See how Heidi effortlessly adds one or two key accessories and we love her choice of the 421 Juliet Shoes - a 4" stiletto sandal with a 'hidden platform' making them easy to walk in.

We were so happy Heidi also chose the classic Little Black Dress. But how do you turn a simple LBD into a stunning outfit that turns heads? Easy if you have the Heidi know-how; simplicity always seems the key with Heidi. Here she wears our cushioned 4.5" Stiletto Heel T-Strap Sandals and accessorizes with one of our simple rhinestone crystal necklaces and our top-selling Dazzle rhinestone crystal clip on earrings. 

Next Heidi chose to model the dress with a higher 'Empire Waist' with the flared skirt which can help crossdressers for different reasons. For slender girls the flared skirt portion of the Tailored Burgandy Dress creates the illusion of hips. For larger girls with a tummy or gut, the high cut waist also help to conceal this. Again see how Heidi lifts the whole appearance with one or two strategically placed accessories like a necklace, stretch rings and the stretch Thick Fashion Bracelet.  


Follow Heidi's lead and don't make it complicated when you are dressing - a simple classic dress to fit your body type is a good basis. Then all you need to do is add the appropriate accessories to accent your outfit. Remember to get the basics right too; simple body-shaping solutions like breast forms and padded panties for most will provide all the foundations for the feminine shape you desire. For those needing a little narrowing in the waist then a plain steel boned corset will give you the ideal hourglass figure.

Watch out for more pictures and videos featuring the one and only Heidi Phox in the upcoming weeks. Make sure to subscribe to the Newsletter to get all the alerts.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Most Common Breast Form Questions from Crossdressers

Here at we spend a lot of time on the phone and email answering customer and potential customer queries regarding products and their suitability as a solution. Many of these questions are about breast forms, one of the staples of many crossdressers. Since many of the same questions are repeated on a daily basis we thought we would publish the most common one’s along with our answers to help those in the midst of doing their research. From the subject of sizeing, to sleeping in forms to reasons for the wide range in prices we’ll cover it here:

Question: “Why is there such a large range in breast form prices?”
There are a number of factors at play here but mainly it is due to the manufacturing country of origin and also if it is a specialist prosthesis or a mass-produced silicone form. Many of the breast forms you will see on sale all over the internet these days are the cheaper Chinese silicone one’s. Though no where near as soft or durable as a pair of German or U.S. silicone forms it’s hard to argue with prices like the Wider Full Teardrop breast forms starting from $19.95 a pair; especially if you are an occasional dresser or someone on a budget. Super-soft silicone forms from Germany will attract a premium as they are much more accurate in terms of color, weight and sizing as they are made to strict mastectomy standards. No matter what you hear – Chinese forms are not made in mastectomy labs. Products like the Real Breast are high-end prosthetics starting at $750 and are by far the best visually of anything on the market. These are a specialist prosthetic hence the ticket price!

Question: “Can I sleep in my breast forms?”
All manufacturers of traditional gel-silicone breast forms will say no. Gel-silicone forms are soft gel protected by an outer PU plastic skin-like shell which has a seam running all the way around the perimeter. Too much pressure on the form like lying on the form will over time weaken the seam and lead to a puncture or burst. We know many customers that do sleep in their forms – they just make sure they sleep on their back or side so weight is not transferred onto the forms. However many crossdressers will use silicone forms for daytime wear and have a second pair of sleep forms in foam or a pair of specialist one’s like Pals Breast Forms that are intended to be slept in.

Question: “Can I fix my silicone-gel breast form if it gets a puncture?”
If you have a large gash in the form then probably no, but most breaches are just a small puncture from a sharp edge like a piece of jewelry. Just be sure to place forms back in their box after use to minimize chance of accidental damage when not in use. Also, put breast forms on before dressing in jewelry or false nails to reduce the chance of damage. There are 2 solutions we know that work well for such repairs: one is very thin yet strong Tegaderm sheets that is great for patching and can be purchased at many pharmacists. The other is a liquid clear silicone adhesive sealant available at automotive supply stores called Permatex. Read our longer article on Silicone Breast Form Repair Tips for instructions on how to use these products on your breast forms.

Question: “Will the use of adhesives damage my breast forms?”
If you use medically approved adhesives and removers, follow the easy application and removal instructions then no. send instructions with every pair of breast forms. These tell you the correct way to care for them and how to use adhesives and remover. You must use medical adhesive like Hollister Adhesive in the spray can, intended for use with such a prosthetic and the skin for 2 reasons: firstly, they will not damage the breast form and secondly they will not harm your skin.  If you are heavy-handed with the breast when removing you can damage the forms; always peel away from the skin slowly holding the form close to the skin to reduce pulling on the form. Treat a breast form as though it was a delicate part of your body and you will have no problems.

Question: “Which bras do you recommend for use with breast forms?”
For silicone breast forms we recommend our sheer pocket‘Jiggle’ bras that have been made to hold the forms in place securely, create the illusion of the forms being part of the body and allow for movement/jiggle as you move. Otherwise you should use a regular underwire bra to secure the forms to the chest as well as possible. Some folk attach a piece of 2 sided breast form adhesive tape to the top of the form so it stays in place if you bend forward. Bear in mind if you use larger cup forms you may well need a fuller cup bra and one with wider shoulder straps. Also, stay clear of padded bras when using forms as it then throws off the sizing and fit.

Those are the most common breast form related questions we are asked. We do of course receive many more relating to sizing, recommended shape, our own personal favorite’s etc . Many answers are on the website and in the LearningCenter section of the website but feel free to call us on 1-888 721 8688 seven days a week if you have questions we can help you with.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Hiding Male Eyebrows for Cross Dressers

Having nicely shaped eyebrows is key to looking feminine. Eyebrows have a weird way of completely changing your face. Some men are lucky enough to have nice thin eyebrows but most have bushy ones that either need to be tamed or covered up. Since you don't want to look completely feminine when in guy mode you may feel more comfortable hiding them rather than plucking. Concealing your eyebrows allows for the perfect template to create your ideal feminine eyebrows. Using the Modeling Putty/Wax Kit makes this process a million times easier. I am going to teach you a simple way to do just that below.

What you need: 

- Modeling Putty/Wax
- Concealer & foundation wedge
- Eyebrow brush
- Eyebrow pencil/powder 

1. Apply a small amount of putty wax to your eye brow and smooth with your eyebrow brush in the direction in which your hair grows. Smooth down the wax so there are no clumps. 
2. Apply the Fixative A over your eye brow. This will help to seal and dry the area.Wait a few minutes to allow it to dry
3. Dab on concealer with foundation sponge to cover the eyebrow so it is no longer visible. You may need to do this a few times before your eyebrow completely disappears. You can also apply some loose powder to help conceal. 
4. Now that your eyebrow is concealed you can draw on your new ones.

Drawing on two of the same eyebrows can be very difficult. It is hard enough to perfect the arch of the eyebrow but then getting them to look identical is a whole other challenge. 

If this is something you struggle with or don't want to be bothered with then try the Affordable Eyebrow Kit. This kit comes with 3 stencils, eyebrow powder, and an eyebrow brush, which makes it much easier to draw in your eyebrows. 

Hopefully this eyebrow tutorial provided you with some of the information and tools that are out there to make your life a whole lot easier. Remember there are so many different eyebrow shapes so if you choose to draw your own and prefer not to use a stencil then make sure to check back in with us next week for the next tutorial on how to choose an eye brow shape for your face. It is important that your eyebrows compliment your face shape to give you the ultimate feminine look. 

What is your trick to getting those perfect feminine eyebrows? Leave a comment below! 

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Creating Cleavage for Cross Dressers

 Everyone likes to show off some cleavage now and again. There are many ways to do this, but below are a few of the most popular and safest ways to do so. All of these ways are very simple and require little effort. The best part about creating cleavage with these methods is you get the feeling of having breasts without actually having to wear breast forms, which can be very nice.

Busty Bra:
This is an under bra that sits below the pectorals and pushes the breasts up. The velcro is then used to tighten the bra, creating more prominent cleavage. It is a very popular method and is extremely simple to use. The busty bra is much safer and more effective than using tape.

Silicone Enhancer:
These are great to create volume in the bust area as well as cleavage. To create cleavage you want to first put on a bra and then place one enhancer on each side of your chest. The enhancer should be placed on the lower, outer side of your chest, inside the cup of your bra. This will create a fold in the middle of your chest, creating your cleavage.

This is a silicone backless bra with built in adhesive that sticks to your chest and clasps in the front creating realistic cleavage in seconds.

1. To create cleavage with this you need unclasp the bra so each cup is separate.
2. Place each cup on the outer section of your chest.

3. Push both cups together, creating a fold (cleavage) in the middle of the chest & clasp bra shut.

Now that you have your Q-bra Cleavage Creator on you can either add on another q-bra to create a breast and then put on your bra or put on a bra and add silicone breast forms on top of the Q-bra.

 Apply Makeup:
Whichever way you choose to create your cleavage you can enhance your look with some makeup.

1. Put on your cleavage creator, bra and blouse so that your cleavage does not change after you apply the makeup.

2. Apply a brown blush or a bronzer that is not too shimmery to the middle of your chest where the cleavage is formed and blend in an upward motion along your breast creating a V shape.

3. Use a white face powder or eye shadow to highlight the top part of your breast. Blend two colors together.

All of these cleavage creators can be found at If you find yourself struggling with any of these methods feel free to contact us and would be more than happy to help you.
What is your favorite cleavage creating method? 

Friday, May 29, 2015

The Life of Cross Dresser, Jessie Pierce

A longtime customer of, Jessie Pierce is now a huge inspiration in the CD/TG community. She has found a real passion in helping others feel more comfortable in their discovery of becoming a cross dresser. Like most cross dressers she was not always this confident, it was a gradual process and she still works on it daily. She went through most of her life not dressing, so she can relate to the struggle one feels with gender identity. Now that she has discovered Jessie she has blossomed into a beautiful woman who loves to help and share her wisdom with others in the community. Jessie was kind enough to share her story with us and all of you.

Jessie Pierce

I started cross dressing when I was 49-years-old, four and a half years ago. My first experience with women's clothing was when I was only five-years old. I hid under my mom's desk and tried on her pantyhose. I remember putting them on my legs and rubbing them…it made me feel like I never had before. They were the smoothest silkiest article of clothing ever to grace my 5 year old body. I was in a trance.
 I never did anything like that again, until I was 49.
 I was always an emotional guy and that sometimes was used against me. In relationships I’d take on the stereotypical ‘female’ role…emotional…wanting to talk about feelings and connect on a much deeper level. I had a personality that I felt was a huge weakness most of the time…And I can say there were many times I loathed myself for it. I wasn’t the stereotypical male but I had been called a “man’s man” several times.

At the age 49, I started wearing thigh highs and panties. I remember reading an article about a guy who did that too, but he liked to paint his toenails and look at them while he walked around. I thought there was no way I could go that far with this. Guess what? My toes are never NOT painted now. As I progressed in what I wanted to do with my girly side, makeup entered the picture. From the time I started using makeup I spent the next two years getting made up EVERY night.

I spent those two years learning all I could about being a girl for the simple reason that if I was going to be a girl sometimes, then I was going to BE a girl, for me. I was passionate and that passion continues to grow. Every day I get the hope that tonight I’ll get made up, though it doesn’t always happen. Even though I don’t get made up every day, I do wear girly clothes every day for the simple reason that I feel the most comfortable doing so.

YouTube has been a great resource for my development, and I can’t imagine what it would’ve been like without that. I looked up makeup tutorials, feminine movements, gestures, walking, walking in heels and so on. I learned there are a lot of guys who love to cross dress, and they didn’t look or act like some weird creatures from the back alleys. I learned there are some guys that are more feminine and beautiful than genetic girls.

Now I have a YouTube channel with 5000 subscribers…who watch me dance (or move) to songs while being the most girlie-girl I can be. They watch me and thank me. Really? For doing the thing in life I feel most passionate about? How incredible, what a dream. This is the LAST thing I would have ever thought I’d be doing…in fact it wasn’t even a thought. I get a lot of messages from confused guys, married guys who don’t know how to make dressing work within their marriages let alone how to tell their wives about their feelings/desires. You’re not alone I promise. We all have different reasons for dressing as well as some similar ones. It’s simple, complex and complicated…I think that’s pretty neat. If I could make one thing stick with you it would be to go explore…see where this may take you…accept yourself…and, HAVE FUN!
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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Wig Terms & Construction

Believe it or not the construction of the cap is very important when choosing a wig. The way the wig is constructed determines how natural the wig will look, whether it can be styled or not, the breath ability of the wig, and much more. You also want to consider human vs synthetic hair, as this too makes a big difference in how natural your hair will look, and the styling capabilities.

Capless Wigs

Capless wigs are made with synthetic or human hair. They have rows of hair that are sewn onto a thin cotton or lace which takes the place of a solid cap. They have adjustable straps to shape the wig to your particular head. Another advantage of the capless wig is that it will keep your head nice and cool.

 Lace Wigs

Lace wigs are made with synthetic or human hair which are tied to a sheer lace base. They are typically attached with an adhesive glue or tape. The famous, Beyonce is known for wearing front laced wigs. Since it is glued on, it provides a more natural hairline.
  •  Full Lace Wigs: Base is made entirely of lace
  •  Front Lace Wigs: More commonly used- Has sheer lace in the front by the hairline.

Monofilament Wigs

Monofilament wigs are made out of breathable nylon or silk. The hair is knotted into the mesh and disappears into the scalp allowing the natural skin color to come through. This provides for a more natural look. There are different types of monofilament wigs which are listed below.

Monofilament part: Only the part area is monofilament.
Monofilament top: The whole top of the wig is monofilament.
Monofilament crown: Only the crown portion of the wig is monofilament.


Skin Part (Scalp) Wigs 

Skin Part wigs have a strip of silk where the hair is threaded to give you a natural look. It allows the hair to look as if it growing directly from the scalp. The part cannot be changed on a Skin Part wig.

Traditional Weft Wigs

Weft wigs are made from strips of material that run from one side of the wig to the other. The hair is then woven onto these strips by hand or machine. The hair runs in one direction so the wig should be left alone and not styled. 

Types of Hair


Human Hair: Human hair is the most natural looking and feeling type of wig. It can be easily styled or cut to your preference.  Although human hair is more expensive than synthetic hair it is much better quality and will last longer with the proper care. There are four different types of human hair; Causasian/ European, Indonesian, Chinese, and Indian. Generally most human hair wigs will be made from Asian hair. Human hair is either processed or virgin (non-processed) which is explained below. 

Processed Hair: Processed wigs mean that they have been chemically treated to appear a certain way. Processed wigs first have to be stripped of their cuticles to add a new color and appearance. The life span of processed hair will be less than unprocessed hair since it has been chemically treated, which may also cause it to be more brittle. 

Unprocessed Hair: Hair that is natural and has not been chemically treated.

Virgin Unprocessed Hair: Human hair that is natural and has not been chemically treated. Virgin human hair will be the most natural and the most comfortable. Of course since it is real hair it can  tangle more easily if not correctly styled and cared for. 

Synthetic Hair Synthetic hair is made of fibers either monofilmaent, polyfilament, acrylic, polyester or a combination of two or three. The fibers are made to resemble human hair. These wigs are more affordable and are often preferred becasue they do not require styling. They typically come already styled and can be worn right out of the box. Regular synthetic hair should not be styled with a curling iron or straightener unless they are heat resistant like the wigs made with Kanekalon fibers. offers both synthetic and human hair wigs with various construction types. There are many different styles, colors, and lengths to choose from to fit your personal preference. Also consider choosing a wig for your specific face shape to get the most natural looking wig.