Thursday, January 22, 2015

5 Fashion Tips for CD/TG with Broad Shoulders

As a cross dresser, certain features can be more difficult to hide than others.  The majority of cross dressers have an inverted triangle body type, which means your shoulders are broader than the rest of your body. One of the 'basic' foundations for a cross dresser is a good pair of breast forms to give a proportional look and to help draw focus from broader shoulders. But what else can we do to help off-set such a typically male facet? Good news is that shoulders are actually fairly easy to hide  if you know what to wear and more importantly what not to wear.

Certain style outfits will do the opposite of what you want, and actually accentuate your broad shoulders. While other outfits will help minimize them, making you look more petite. Next time you are out shopping keep these few fashion tips in mind and experiment with trying on different neck lines, jackets, and skirts. You will be pleasantly surprised the difference it will make when you start shopping for your body type.

By the way, Inverted Triangle is the second best female body shape!

Do's and Don'ts for Broad Shoulders

1. Vertical Stripes vs. Horizontal Stripes

Avoid horizontal stripes at all costs. Whether it is a dress or blouse, avoid it. Horizontal stripes will make you look wider than you really are.
Vertical stripes do just the opposite, elongating your torso, in return making your shoulders look more narrow than they are.

2. V-Neck instead of Spaghetti Straps
 Spaghetti strap tank tops basically yell, “Hey look at my shoulders!” So, if you are trying to hide your broad shoulders you want to disguise or cover them with proper garments and definitely do not want to expose them with a spaghetti strap.
Instead, wear a narrow V-neck top. These will help elongate the neck and put the focus on your chest rather than your shoulders.
 3. Drapey NOT Tight
Avoid tight tops as they will make your broad shoulders and neck stick out like a sore thumb.
Instead, where tops that drape nicely over your shoulders and arms. Soft, flowing tops are also a great way to hide larger biceps. It is also a way to keep up with the new trends. Looser shirts that leave more to the imagination are now sexier than tight tops that show it all.
4. Long Jacket/Blazer INSTEAD of Short
Avoid blazers and jackets that are fitted and waist length. This will shorten your torso and draw more attention to your shoulders. Fitted blazers will clearly define your shoulders as well. Also, avoid jackets that have shoulder pads or any design to the shoulders. This will also make them stand out.
Choose a blazer that goes past your hips. The length shown below under DO, is a perfect example of the type of jacket you should be aiming for. This will make your torso look lean and long rather than short and stump.

5. Skirts that Flare
Avoid fitted skirts- they will make your waist and hips appear tiny but will give the opposite effect to your shoulders, making you appear more top heavy.
You want to wear a skirt that takes attention away from your upper body, creating a nice balance. Wear skirts that flare out or create definition and curves around your lower half. This will help to make your upper body appear more narrow.
If you have nice long legs then stick to shorts skirts like the skater skirt shown below. This elongate your frame and draw attention to your legs rather than your top half.

If you are a mix between an inverted triangle body type and another, read the article below for more fashion advice on choosing the most flattering outfits for your shape.
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