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5 Items for Outfits when Cross Dressing for Valentines

Valentines is always a great excuse to dress a little over the top and go extra frilly and girlie even if that is not your usual style. There are many parties you may be lucky enough to attend or you may just be alone at home having a very romantic evening for 2 so what to wear to inspire the goddess of love in you?

As with all things crossdressing start with thinking about time of day and occasion for which you are going to dress. You can obviously dress more glamour for parties and evening time than you may want to for a lunchtime date in the middle of the day. Daytime wear outside should be a little more subtle in choice of outfit.

Whats’s you favorite attire for Valentine’s Day? Here we list 5 garments that can form the basis of a great little outfit for your Valentines depending on the occasion and/or the time of day.

1 Little Pink Dress

What could be easier as the basis of a great outfit for evening party attire than a pink or red dress like our Little Cotton Candy Dress with a short hem to set the admirers pulses racing. Going for a lunch/daytime date then wear a shade like Ivory but accessorize with pink or red to stay in theme without screaming ‘Valentines’. Look to accessorize with some white or pink pumps, maybe a wide cinching belt to match the shoes and some oversize earrings and you have a classy cocktail dress look.

2 Corset and Petticoat 

You’ve been invited to a theme party/fancy dress so what to wear? For Valentine’s just about anything goes with of course lots of pink and red and you can go crazy with hair and makeup colors and even hosiery, frills and bows. Look to your wardrobe first to see what you can make use of before spending on a whole new outfit. Already own a corset? Then simply match with a skirt or better yet a simple chiffon petticoat which you can acquire from as little as $17.95 from and you have a very cute costume that will be sure to turn heads.

3 Lovers Lingerie

You can use sexy sleepwear for dressing to Valentines parties and the great thing is you don’t have to do much when you get home to go to bed! Spending the night in with that special person in your life? Then what say’s ‘amour’ more than silky or frilly lingerie and seductive hosiery available in a myriad of colors to match your mood?

Robes, gowns, bustieres or baby dolls will all get the heart racing of any admirer and can be paired with matching or contrasting stay-up stockings. For thigh-highs and stay-ups make sure to get the ones with an extra wide silicone top so they stay in place all night and you don’t have to keep pulling them up.

4 High Heel Pumps

They may not be the most comfortable but who can resist a seductive pair of high heels on Valentines? They not only scream femininity but they actually do feminize the shape of a leg and your stance or posture. Standing and walking in heels will define your calf to give your whole legs the more ideal feminine shape.

If you are a novice then start off with a 3 inch block heel which will not only be more comfortable to walk in but much more stable. Make sure to practice by taking small steps and placing one foot in front of the other until you master your feminine walk.  If you are a ‘pro’ then try a 4 or 5 inch stiletto heel – this does take some getting used to if you are new but the appearance you gain is very sexy.
Think about what you are wearing and either match or contrast with your main outfit. Wearing predominantly pink then maybe go for a white high heel pump with matching accessories. Don’t forget about open toe shoes, especially with lingerie – who doesn’t love a fluffy pair of mules to parade around the boudoir just before playtime?

5 Garter Belts and Hosiery

What screams old fashioned romance more than garterbelts and sexy hosiery? Not much in our opinion. Whether you use as a main feature of your outfit or leave subtly hidden showing just a tease of the top of a stocking or the back-seam, most admirers go crazy for hosiery. You can match your undergarments to your outfit or contrast them. Take the traditional garterbelt pictured – it is plain black but is accented with pink bows and stitching and you can contrast with pink stockings and panties.

Remember to wear not only under costumes, dresses and skirts but expecially under your lingerie. Your special person will appreciate peeling back the layers as you frolic on Valentines.

There you have it – a few ideas to inspire you and your girlfriends this Valentines. Whether you are going out to a party or staying in with friends, this is one of the biggest dates in the calendar for crossdressers so make sure you enjoy yourself and look your very best.

Happy Valentines girls!

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