Friday, January 9, 2015

6 Steps to Irresistable Lips for CD/TG

Do you wonder how other girls manage to cultivate a truly sexy finish to their 'look' with their lips when you get frustrated at your own messy attempts? The good news for cross dressers is that lips are one of the easier aspects of a makeover to push the envelope as part of your feminine transformation; all that's needed are a few simple steps to ensure your lips 'pop' and give you that all important confident, sexy look that will be admired by others.

1.   White Teeth
 Most people forget this but it is actually one of the most important components of having sexy looking lips. Make sure you brush often and try some whitening remedies if you have particularly stained teeth. The whiter, the more irresistible lips you will have.

2.       Moisten Lips

You do not want your lips to crack when you put on your lipstick so applying a cream will ensure your lips are nice and moisturized looking perfect throughout your day. Lipstick tends to dehydrate your lips and lip balm will act as a barrier to your lipstick so a little cream will go a long way.

3. Highlight your Lips

 Add a little concealer or white liner to the outer parts of your lips. Do this lightly though, if you are using white and press to hard it will be too blunt of a line. This will create a border around your lips allowing them to really pop. You can also add concealer to your actual lips to make the lipstick last longer, just make sure you moisturize before so they are not too dry. This works best if you are using a moisturizing lipstick or gloss rather than a matte. 

4. Line Lips

You always want to line your lips before applying a lipstick. If you are going out to an event and know you wont be able to re-apply lipstick much than choose a lip liner close to your lip color. This will help to avoid having a ring of liner around your lips when your lipstick wears off. If you are wearing a darker color than you will need to match your lip liner to your lipstick or gloss so going with a 2-in-1 as pictured below may be helpful to make sure the colors match.

Line the outer edges of your lips, not your actual lips- this will help to make them look more full.The picture below will give you some guidance.

5. Apply Lipstick

Having sexy lips often involves a bold color lip stick or gloss. If you have plump lips go with a dark matte color. For tiny lips, go with something light colored and shiny. If you have a hard time applying lipstick evenly than use a lipstick brush. Don't just go for classic red, try other color for different occasions and different times of the day. Look for lipstick packs that have different color or shades and experiment when practicing your make-up.


6. Get rid of the Excess
If you are wondering why you always have lipstick on your teeth it is because you forgot to dab! It is important to do this once right after applying lipstick and then once right before going out to ensure that there is no lipstick on your teeth. Just take a tissue and smack your lips together to get off any excess. It is always handy to keep a little compact mirror in your purse to keep an eye on those teeth!

How important are sexy lips to you when you are en femme? Leave a comment below.


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