Friday, February 27, 2015

Taking a Perfect Picture of Yourself: Tips from Cross Dresser, Heidi Phox

It's that time of the year again! Our annual Glamour Girl Contest is in full swing. For those of you who don't already know about our contest, here is a little background information- You can send in up to 3 photos of yourself en femme up until April. There are 3 age groups, Kittens, Cougars, and Super Cougars (see contest details for your group). There will be over $2000 worth of feminine prizes given out as well as the chance for a cash prize. Our judges particularly like great quality photos, preferably full length with clear lighting, and great quality. 

Our Glamour Girl Contest is not just about beauty, so we have asked a previous winner, Heidi Phox what tips she has for you ladies on how to win!

Let's see what tips Heidi has for you ... 

Glamour Boutique is largely responsible for “shaping” me into the girl I am today.  After winning the Glamour Girl contest a few years ago, the girdle and breast forms I obtained from them have taken me to the next level in my feminine presentation.

But winning the contest takes more than a nice figure or a pretty face. Presenting the image of the person inside you can be tricky. After years of dressing I’ve accrued some tricks to maximize the chances I’ll get some photos that express the femininity the way I feel it.

     1.  Look through women's magazines or online for a few poses to emulate.   

          Below are a few of my favorite poses.

    2. Be feminine but classy and stylish.

    3. High heels, nylons, skirts and dresses are a must.

    4. Set up a mirror behind the camera so you can see your pose.

    5. Use the flash on your camera so that your face is not lit from above.

    6. Angle your body and hands so that they are not square to the camera.

    7. Whenever possible point your toes.

8. Look directly at the camera and smile.

9. Take LOTS of photos adjusting your pose, facial expression, hair, etc. a little each time.

These photos are just to show you a variety of different poses and facial expressions. When taking your picture make sure there are no distractions in the background, unless of course it is intentional scenery.

Good luck and HAVE FUN!  I can’t wait to see the entries! -Heidi 

We hope that Heidi was able to give you some winning tips on how to take a great picture of yourself for the Glamour Girl Contest and your future photography endeavors. Taking a perfect picture is not easy, and will take a lot of practice. 

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  1. Girls,
    These are all terrific tips for great achieving great pictures. Heidi Phox is one of the most real T- girls I know. Heidi has some of the best pictures on the web, check out her "Phox Den blog". I use all of these and it's helps to improve our look as we move forward trying to become more feminine. As last years winner of this contest I can tell that Glamour Boutique is a fabulous shop and they strive to help you be all you can be. So get out your best dresses ,heels and make up and enter the contest. Someone is going to may be you..? Truly girls this contest is a wonderful way of challenging ourselves to be the best we can be.....I can't wait to see the new pics....Be safe out there girls....
    Hugs , DonnaKelli

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    2. Here's a link of some of the entries we have received so far Donna!


  2. Donna another one our previous winners!! You also take some wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing your kind words about our store and contest!!