Thursday, April 23, 2015

5 Trans-Friendly Stores for Cross Dressers

Last week I shared some tips on shopping for women's clothing as a cross dresser, which seemed to be of some help to many of you. This week I thought I would delve deeper into this topic and go over some specific stores that welcome transgender and cross dressing individuals. This is important for those of you who do not have specialist retailers like in Fairfield, NJ on your doorstep.

Typically most stores that sell plus sized woman's clothing will be very inviting to cross dressers because they realize that you make up a large part of their market.  

Many of these stores have gone so far to offer to open their store early or to stay late so you can shop in comfort. This is not something you find everyday so when I heard this I knew I had to share these stores with you.

All the stores below not only welcome cross dressers and transgender individuals but have been said to be extremely helpful and will give you their one on one attention to make sure you find something you love.

Lane Bryant
This store caters to plus sized women and is very trans-friendly. If you are someone who has a hard time fitting into standard women's sizes than this is the store for you. You can find everything you need; stylish dresses, swimwear, active wear, bra's, sexy lingerie, and much more. 

Keep in mind that sales associates typically help 2-3 cross dressers a week, so you shouldn't feel awkward in asking someone to size you or help you pick out an outfit.

I would however suggest calling ahead of time to speak with the employee on staff at the time. Unfortunately even though certain stores may be trans-friendly, it does not mean all employees are. This of course goes for all stores, not just Lane Bryant.

Most larger department stores are Trans-friendly, but Macy's in particular has been said to have some really amazing sales associates. If you worry about seeing someone you know then venture out to one that is further from your home so you can shop in peace.

 Don't be afraid to ask them to help you with finding the correct size, or even some advice on what looks best- After all they typically work off commission, so take advantage of their willingness to help you. 

Another plus to Macy's is that they have a makeup counter, where someone can help you find the right makeup for your skin- You can even get a makeover while you are there, which is always fun! Here in NJ we find our local Macy's Mac Cosmetics concession has the best and most TG friendly staff.

Torrid is another store that caters to plus-sized woman and is very trans-friendly. They have great reviews and awesome sales associates that are very helpful to cross dressers and transgenders. 

Many cd/tg's have shopped in Torrid in drab and en femme and have all said that the staff there is very professional and helpful. The sales associates in plus-sized stores are different than sales associates in a typical store because of who they cater to, so give them a chance and you will be pleasantly surprised.

I personally love their dresses because they have every different style you could ever want; Maxi, body-con, skater, open-back, and swing dresses are just a few to name. This is helpful because every body type looks good in a different style dress. 

Dress Barn

If you don't necessarily need plus-sized clothing and would like some age-appropriate attire then Dress Barn is a great trans-friendly store to shop at. They do however offer every size possible; misses, petite, and plus-size, which is great. 

Every manufacture runs differently so in certain outfits you may need plus size and in others you may fall under regular sizes, so it is good to have the option of both.

Dress Barn also has really affordable prices and has a wide variety of styles. Whether en femme or drab the sales associates are willing to help you find a size and will gladly point you in the direction of the dressing room. We do recommend you call ahead before going the first time and if you are nervous the sales associates will be happy to recommend the quieter times to shop.

Lord and Taylor
Lord and Taylor is similar to Macy's in the sense that it is a larger store where the sales associates work off of commission and are very willing to help you find what you are looking for.

When deciding where to shop you need to think about what you are looking for. If you would like to shop alone then as I said in my previous shopping post, stores like Kohls or Old Navy may be more suitable for you, but if you want help picking out sizes and outfits then a store like Macy's is perfect for you.

Lord and Taylor is more high-end but has some top designers and really trendy clothes to choose from. They also have a makeup counter which is always great. Many cd/tg's have had very pleasant experiences with the sales associates while shopping and trying on makeup. 

Also don't forget about stores that cater specifically to cross dressers like Places like Glamour Boutique ensure you have complete privacy and discretion when shopping so there is no fear of any unwelcome attention you may be afraid of. Here at the NJ showroom clients can book an hour of uninterupted shopping time where they can browse and try garments in the privacy of their own showroom. Also, many products in such outlets are specifically made for M to F transgender girls; for example, dresses will be cut broader in the shoulders and narrower in the hip to make the most of the different body shape a CD has.You can also find everything you need under one roof at the specialist retailers including breast forms, padded panties and large size shoes.

If you wish to shop at our NJ showroom all we ask is that you schedule an appointment by calling 1 888 721 8688 to ensure your privacy, but once you do that, you have full reign of the showroom, where you can spend as much time as you need shopping and trying on clothes by yourself with the help of a friendly staff member.

What's your favorite Trans-friendly store? Leave a comment below!


  1. David's Bridal is very accepting. They always let me try on anything i want, and i even go out into the store to view myself in the mirror when fully dressed, and get the opinion of sales staff, even without makeup or a wig, so everyone knows i am a male trying on dresses.

    1. So glad to hear this. I will have to add David's Bridal to the list!! Thank you and so glad you had a great experience.

  2. My favorite Trans-friendly store is Lane Bryant , by far.they have every size I need & lots of styles. The sales girls are so helpful. I've shopped there in femme & in drab. One time a sales girl fitted me for a bra, that was so helpful. The last time i was in there I needed a long "dressey" dress to seve the guests at a dinner party of the couple I work for. The sales girls helped me pick the exact one I looked best in. I LOVE THAT STORE! Lorraine from Poughkeepsie, NY

    1. Yes we have heard soo many good things about Lane Bryant. I am very happy to hear you had a positive experience as well.