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A Day in the Life of Cross Dresser, Donna Kelli

As many of you know we really love when our customers share their personal ventures as a cross dresser with us. It is quite often that someone will come into our showroom or call to place an order and will ask if there are a lot of other people out there like them, referring to cross dressers. The answer is yes, there are a lot of cd/tg people in the world. We hope by sharing stories of other cross dressers that you can see that there are so many people out there just like you. Donna Kelli is a previous winner of the Glamour Boutique Glamour Girl Contest and a member of the Vanity Club. She has kindly shared with us what a day in her life is like. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did and encourage you to share your story with us as well.

A Day in the Life of Cross Dresser, Donna Kelli

This has been a fun and inspiring year for me. Last year was quite exciting as well as I was selected as Glamour Boutique's girl of the year, which was a true honor.  They have asked me to take you all through a typical day, week, or month in the life of Donna Kelli. So here is a little background on me first- I live in So. California with my wife, who is fully accepting of Donna and even willingly participates. We go out shopping and to dinner usually once a week as girlfriends. I have recently semi retired from my male dominated occupation so am finding more time to be Donna. My day usually consists of running all of our household errands, such as picking up the dry cleaning, grocery shopping, getting cars washed etc...And I do it all as a woman. I found that if I did the household chores dressed as a woman it allowed me more time to be dressed.  

I do get out occasionally for Dinner and drinks with friends and family, I have included pictures of some of these events throughout the last year. I have to say I am blessed to have a wife that not only accepts my alter ego, Donna, but participates and understands that she is part of what makes me the man she loves. I told her before we were married and was scared to death that she would not want to marry me. Of course she was surprised and asked questions, but we talked through it all. This is the best advice I can give to another sister, because you never know, you may be married to a woman who would understand and not know it , only to have her find out and be upset that you hid it from her. We are now married and have 4 children, two girls and two boys.

I have a funny story which happened to me while I was running my daily errands en femme. It was a normal day where I went to the grocery store, stopped at Walgreen's for wife's prescription and a few other things...then went to the dry cleaners. I then noticed that all the parking was taken near the cleaners so I had to park about 200 feet away. The dry cleaners is in a strip mall adjacent to a larger mall and a Safeway Market that takes deliveries from large semi trucks in the rear. Where I parked was visible to where the trucks park and unload on the docks. 

As I'm walking to the cleaners, I notice a driver watching me but thought nothing of it at the time. I went into the cleaners, got our clothes and had a short pleasant conversation with the clerk and exited to walk back to my car.

Now, the trucks are not supposed to be driving through the parking lot near the cleaners, because they are just too big. You probably guessed already what happened, the driver who was watching me, saw me heading to my car and began driving through the lot near the cleaners (the one he's NOT supposed to be in with that big big truck), he got in front of the cleaners and rolled his window down to say something when people started yelling at him from the Sushi restaurant two doors down from the cleaners.

He was saying something to me smiling and I looked at him and said "the people at the restaurant are yelling to hit their truck." This poor truck driver was practically dragging these peoples Chevy pick-up truck out of its parking space.The wife told me she saw him heading that way and knew he couldn't make the turn, she said the driver seemed to be watching something other than the road ...LOL. She was actually laughing at that time and was not too concerned about her husband’s truck that had the bed pulled half way off.

Can I truly ......wait for it, here it comes.....Stop a truck??

The “Stop a truck" reference is now an on-going joke with my wife and I. BTW attached is a picture of the outfit I was wearing...nothing special but it got his attention. That is just one of the humorous moments I have encountered while running my errands en femme.

On another note, I would like to thank for the honor of being their Glamour Girl of the year, and for making a contest such as this available for all TG/ CD/ TS of all shapes, ages and sizes. This is a fabulous way to test yourselves girls. I have entered the Halloween costume, Sexy Legs and Glamour Girl contests and placed in all of them but finally won the Glamour Girl contest in 2014.

I never expected to win, and to be honest I was surprised over the years to even place in the top ten in all the contests. As I said I used them as a way to measure my own progress with my transition from male to female, even if it is only part time.

So take some new pictures and enter, you never know who is going to stand out, and if you have an idea for a special picture go for it. I always used pictures from the year I entered which helped me to gauge my progress. I am not to entering the contest in 2015 due to winning it in 2014. This is not to say I think I'm "All that" but more over to be fair. Winning the contest is a humbling experience especially when you don't expect to win.

I am going to end here because I have rambled on far too long, suffice it to say I live a rather normal life with my wife who I love deeply. So as I say to my Vanity Club sisters in emails.....Be safe out there....


Donna Kelli
Glamour Boutique girl of the year 2014

A huge thank you to Donna Kelli for sharing a day in the life as a cross dresser with Contact us at if you would like to share your story too.

Have you had a funny moment like Donna while out en femme?? Share below! 


  1. Donna is sweet, loving and totally adorable and deserving of every honor she can get. She is a great friend and sister and a shining example of femininity to all that know her and those who aspire to be like her. Love ya, Carollyn

    1. Hi Carollyn,

      Hope all is well with you!! Yes she is just a doll and was nice to share her story with us.

  2. Donna - I have always been so impressed with you and your natural beauty - the Glamour Boutique did a great job choosing you - you are just a joy and a prize - I admire your poise, elegance and ease with which you carry yourself. And I would LOVE to be in your situation! Lovely girl!


    Tawni Bonds

  3. wow, amazingly beautiful

  4. I'm just glad it was a truck and not a train