Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Guide to Dramatic Eyes for Cross Dressers

If your eyes are your best asset then you want them to stand out and pop. Your eyes are a very powerful tool if use them correctly. Whether you want to look innocent, flirty, or sexy, drawing attention to your eyes is KEY. 

Creating dramatic eyes is also great if your eyes aren't necessarily your best asset. Maybe they are a little on the smaller side and you want them to look bigger and bolder. 

To create dramatic eyes you want to keep your other facial features simple. Go light on your lips using a nude or light pink lipstick or gloss.

 Follow the simple steps below and you will be drawing people in with your eyes in no time! 

1. First apply the rest of your makeup. Apply your beard cover, foundation, and contour appropriately. If you shape your eyebrows make sure they are defined with a nice arch to help draw attention to your eyes- eye brow stencils are a great aid to help with this. Highlight right below your eye brow.

Remember: go light on the lips, line them with a color that is close your lip color and then add a soft nude or pink color. If you go to bold with the lips this will take away from your eyes.

2. Next, apply a primer to your eyelids- this will help your eye shadow stay on and not fade as the day goes on. If you don't have a primer then you can use foundation or concealer. Apply a thin layer on your eye lids. 

3. Choose a light eye shadow color of your choice. For dramatic eyes, a shimmer color works the best. Certain colors compliment your eye color better than others. Apply the light color to your entire eye lid in an upward motion working your way to your brow bone.

4. Now that you have the base color you want to choose a shade darker than your base color. If you chose a shimmer color then stick with a shimmer color that is a shade darker. You are basically going to create a smokey eye.  

Start from the middle of your eyelid as pictured below and shade the outer part of your eye lid with your darker color. Angle your brush upward and shade toward your eye brow. Then lightly shade the top of where the eye shadow stops (top part, closest to eye brow). 

5. Almost done! Now you should apply your false lashes. You want to do this after your eye shadow so your lashes blend nicely with your eye shadow. Hint: curl your natural lashes first then glue false ones on. 

6. Lastly, you want to apply your eye liner. If you are a beginner at this I suggest using a black eye shadow with a flat eye liner brush. This will be easier to control then an eye liner pencil. Dip your brush into the black or dark brown shadow (use a flat matte color not shimmer) and line right above your eye lashes. Then take a smudger brush to smooth out the lining. If you are unsure of which types of brushes to use see our guide to makeup brushes. 

Now that you have all of the steps to get that dramatic eye look, go ahead and try it out and leave any questions in the comment section below!Check out our learning center for other Cross Dresser Tips that you may find useful!!

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