Thursday, April 9, 2015

Quick & Easy Homemade Breast Forms

Whether you are away for business and forgot your breast forms or simply don't feel like spending the money on new forms, there are some really easy and affordable ways to make your own. Everyone has their own trick and preference of homemade breast forms so I am going to provide you with a few that we know our customers and friends really love. Keep in mind though that these are not supposed to be very life-like, and of course will have no nipple, but they really are great if you are on a budget or out on a trip and forgot your forms. Homemade breast forms are also perfect for beginner cross dressers who aren't ready to venture into buying femme products quite yet. Many of our customers also love them for nighttime use, rather than risking damaging their silicone breast forms. See what works best for you... We would love to hear your results.

 Play-Doh Breast Forms 

-Heidi Phox- A very popular type of homemade breast forms is one we heard about from a good friend of, Heidi Phox. She is very crafty when it comes to cross dressing and has put together some really great how-to videos and tutorials on her blog that make dressing quick and easy. One of her favorite types of breast forms is actually her homemade ones, made out of Play-Doh. What we really like about these forms is that you can make any cup size you want by just adding more Play-Doh, and what Heidi really loves about these is that they are actually softer than some of her real breast forms. 

   Items Needed: 
  • 4-Pack of Play-Doh
  • 1 Ziploc Bag
  • 1 Pair of old pantyhose 
  • 1 bra
1.  Measure 2 cups of Play-Doh and mash it together and place it in the Ziploc bag.
2. Cut the tops off of the pantyhose.
2. Place the Ziploc bag with Play-Doh in one side of the panty hose and twist the panty hose around the bag until all of the panty hose is used. (repeat this for second breast form, in other side of pantyhose).
3. You can then mold it into the shape you would like. Heidi says these forms will last you a few months until the Play-Doh gets hard, but she absolutely loves them and swears by them. 
4. Now just place them in your bra, and you are all set!

Bird Seed or Sand Breast Forms

-Bird Seed Breast Forms- This is one that many of our customers have experimented with and find themselves loving the outcome. It requires very little materials, which you can purchase at any local shopping market. To start you first need to know your cup size so you know how much bird seed or sand to use. You also want to have a thicker bra handy. Don't use a sheer bra because then your breast forms may appear bumpy.

Items Needed:
  • 1 pack of fine grain bird seed or sand
  • 1 pair of pantyhose 
  • 1 bra 
1. Cut the tops off of the pantyhose. You will only need the ends.
2. For better forms, try sifting out the bigger seeds, and use the very small round beads. 
3. Pour your seed or sand into the foot part of one side of the pantyhose and twist the top and very loosely tie in a knot.
4. Put it in your bra and see if it fits well. If it does not then untie and either add some more or take some out. Once you have the right amount, firmly tie the knot.

Water Balloon Breast Forms

These breast forms are another very popular choice. You are probably thinking well won't they pop or leak? The answer is no, not if you use quality latex water balloons. Try 10-12'' water balloons to start. Balloons are harder to experiment with size than other fillers because you have to tie the knot firmly after you fill the balloon with water. You can cut some pantyhose for an outer layer to protect your water balloon in case you are worried about it puncturing. We have actually heard from a few of our customers that they have slept in them and they still don't pop!

Items Needed:
  • Latex water balloons
  • Pantyhose 
  • Bra

1. Stretch the balloon out a few times, and blow up the balloon for additional stretching. 
2. Place the balloon neck over faucet and slowly fill with warm water
3. Fill the balloon to a decent size, you don't want to under fill and definitely don't want to over fill it.
4. Tie the balloon tightly.
5. Stretch out your pantyhose a few times and place balloon in pantyhose for extra protection. If your balloon form is very large then wrap the panty hose around it and tie instead.

Other Affordable Breast Form Options 

If you are looking for other affordable breast forms and don't want to go the DIY route but want them quickly then try any one of these: 

Wider Full Teardrop Breast Forms (only $19.95)
Affordable Teardrop Breast Forms ($49.95)
Foam Breast Forms (Only $49.95)

You can have your very own breast forms in only a few short days :)

Have you ever tried one of these homemade breast form options, or maybe you have your own favorite method? Please share below!


  1. If you use the water balloon, put two together, they want pop then.


  2. A trip down memory lane reminded me of my teenage years and my attempts to appear as fem as possible. Sure-Jell, is a common jelly product used to make home made jams and jellies. No colors or sugars to cause issues, added with latex condoms, a pair of knee high stockings and a kitchen funnel ( a big one) is pretty much all the required components..
    Using 4 boxes of Sure-Jell or what ever brand is sold in your respective part of the country, use double the dry mix recommended to create a silicon like slush that you pour into the condoms until you have achieved the size you want. Make sue to remove all the air gaps before tying the knots and place the condom in the funnel, knot down into the spout. Place the molds in the refrigerator to set.. Remove and allow to come to room temp before, bold italic, covering with the knee-high. No sugars means no spoiling and the gases that comes from using a sweetened gelatin product.. Cheap and effective. Both were important to a young teen with a stock boy job. Rici Browning

    1. This is a great one to add to the list...We will be sure to share this with customers and friends. Thank you

  3. I use pantyhose and love to dress-up in tights pantyhose leotards