Thursday, May 14, 2015

5 Simple Ways to add Some Style to your Wig

Tired of the same hairstyle day after day but don't want to invest in a new wig? Just like real hair, there are a ton of ways to add some variety to your wig by trying out new styles and adding a few accessories. The title says it all. These 5 ways to add some style to your wig are really so simple! They only take a few minutes and only require a few accessories at most.
1. Add some Volume
A simple and safe way to add some volume to your synthetic wig is to tease it. You want to grab one section at a time. You only need to tease the roots. Pin up the top section of hair. Start about 2 inches from you scalp and brush downwards toward your scalp in a slow motion to avoid causing knots. Repeat this for the top sections of your hair. When you are finished teasing you can then lightly brush it to smooth it out.

2. Add a bow 
 If you are going for the "cute" look then a bow or ribbon is the perfect way to add some variety to your wig, and no, bows are not just for little girls! They look super cute on woman as well. Of course there is not just one way to wear a bow so depending on the occasion or your mood, you have a lot of different options! Below is a great picture I found from on 8 different ways to wear a bow without looking like a little girl... I told you it was possible.

  3. Accessorize it with a headband or scarf! 
Accessorize your wig with a headband or scarf to add your own personal style. This is great because you get some variety without having to purchase a new wig. I put together a few different ways to wear a headband and scarf to give you some options depending on what type of look you are going for.

4. Sport a Cute Hat  
Another simple way to add some style to your wig that you may not have thought of because it's just that simple! They really have a hat for every occasion so when in doubt throw on a hat and you will add a little edge to your look. Adding a hat will also help your wig look more natural by hiding your part. Same goes for the headband and scarf.

5. Braid it!  
Braiding your wig is not as simple as some of these other methods but if you are willing to put in a little extra time to complete your look then it is totally worth it. There are so many different type of braids that you can venture into learning but doing a simple braid is just as nice.   

You can dress up your old wig in many ways to achieve a quite different look. Just make sure to be gentle with your synthetic wigs in particular and always use a wire wig brush when styling to ensure minimal shedding. After wearing your wig always ensure you brush the wig out so it is free from any tangles before storing. To maximize the life of your hairpiece always use the correct wig accessories when caring for your wigs. Your old wig is beyond repair? No fear. At we have a full range of TG wigs at many price points with good quality closeout wigs starting from as little as $27.95.The smallest things make the biggest difference! We hope you found these simple wig styling tips to be of some use. For more articles on wigs see below.

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