Thursday, May 21, 2015

Wig Terms & Construction

Believe it or not the construction of the cap is very important when choosing a wig. The way the wig is constructed determines how natural the wig will look, whether it can be styled or not, the breath ability of the wig, and much more. You also want to consider human vs synthetic hair, as this too makes a big difference in how natural your hair will look, and the styling capabilities.

Capless Wigs

Capless wigs are made with synthetic or human hair. They have rows of hair that are sewn onto a thin cotton or lace which takes the place of a solid cap. They have adjustable straps to shape the wig to your particular head. Another advantage of the capless wig is that it will keep your head nice and cool.

 Lace Wigs

Lace wigs are made with synthetic or human hair which are tied to a sheer lace base. They are typically attached with an adhesive glue or tape. The famous, Beyonce is known for wearing front laced wigs. Since it is glued on, it provides a more natural hairline.
  •  Full Lace Wigs: Base is made entirely of lace
  •  Front Lace Wigs: More commonly used- Has sheer lace in the front by the hairline.

Monofilament Wigs

Monofilament wigs are made out of breathable nylon or silk. The hair is knotted into the mesh and disappears into the scalp allowing the natural skin color to come through. This provides for a more natural look. There are different types of monofilament wigs which are listed below.

Monofilament part: Only the part area is monofilament.
Monofilament top: The whole top of the wig is monofilament.
Monofilament crown: Only the crown portion of the wig is monofilament.


Skin Part (Scalp) Wigs 

Skin Part wigs have a strip of silk where the hair is threaded to give you a natural look. It allows the hair to look as if it growing directly from the scalp. The part cannot be changed on a Skin Part wig.

Traditional Weft Wigs

Weft wigs are made from strips of material that run from one side of the wig to the other. The hair is then woven onto these strips by hand or machine. The hair runs in one direction so the wig should be left alone and not styled. 

Types of Hair


Human Hair: Human hair is the most natural looking and feeling type of wig. It can be easily styled or cut to your preference.  Although human hair is more expensive than synthetic hair it is much better quality and will last longer with the proper care. There are four different types of human hair; Causasian/ European, Indonesian, Chinese, and Indian. Generally most human hair wigs will be made from Asian hair. Human hair is either processed or virgin (non-processed) which is explained below. 

Processed Hair: Processed wigs mean that they have been chemically treated to appear a certain way. Processed wigs first have to be stripped of their cuticles to add a new color and appearance. The life span of processed hair will be less than unprocessed hair since it has been chemically treated, which may also cause it to be more brittle. 

Unprocessed Hair: Hair that is natural and has not been chemically treated.

Virgin Unprocessed Hair: Human hair that is natural and has not been chemically treated. Virgin human hair will be the most natural and the most comfortable. Of course since it is real hair it can  tangle more easily if not correctly styled and cared for. 

Synthetic Hair Synthetic hair is made of fibers either monofilmaent, polyfilament, acrylic, polyester or a combination of two or three. The fibers are made to resemble human hair. These wigs are more affordable and are often preferred becasue they do not require styling. They typically come already styled and can be worn right out of the box. Regular synthetic hair should not be styled with a curling iron or straightener unless they are heat resistant like the wigs made with Kanekalon fibers. offers both synthetic and human hair wigs with various construction types. There are many different styles, colors, and lengths to choose from to fit your personal preference. Also consider choosing a wig for your specific face shape to get the most natural looking wig.

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