Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Crossdresser icon Heidi does Dresses

Long time friend of and past winner of the Glamour Girl Contest Heidi Phox is admired by many. We have had many customers believe Heidi is a genetic girl but we can state for the record that is not the case. So how come she makes it all look so easy and effortless? Does she have a 'go to' dress, accessories or box of tricks she has to use every-time she dresses to get that effect? We thought we'd send Heidi a box of goodies and see what she was able to come up with. 

We mailed Heidi a few dresses, some shoes and accessories and merely asked she send us back some stills and some video clips to show our viewers how easy it is to put together an easy evening outfit. We left it up to Heidi to choose the outfit and to match with whatever shoes or accessories she deemed appropriate. A few days later and we receive the first results - wow! One of the new girls in the office was adamant Heidi is a real girl and only relented when I showed a picture of her attaching a cleavage creator we had sent. Check out Heidi in our recent addition the Tight Fit Burgandy Dress:

The High neckline and long sleeves are perfect for concealment although the semi-sheer material used keeps you nice and cool on those long summer evenings. The lycra mix material allows enough stretch in the bust area for even DDD's if needed and yet the thinner cut through the hip gives the perfect feminizing silhouette. See how Heidi effortlessly adds one or two key accessories and we love her choice of the 421 Juliet Shoes - a 4" stiletto sandal with a 'hidden platform' making them easy to walk in.

We were so happy Heidi also chose the classic Little Black Dress. But how do you turn a simple LBD into a stunning outfit that turns heads? Easy if you have the Heidi know-how; simplicity always seems the key with Heidi. Here she wears our cushioned 4.5" Stiletto Heel T-Strap Sandals and accessorizes with one of our simple rhinestone crystal necklaces and our top-selling Dazzle rhinestone crystal clip on earrings. 

Next Heidi chose to model the dress with a higher 'Empire Waist' with the flared skirt which can help crossdressers for different reasons. For slender girls the flared skirt portion of the Tailored Burgandy Dress creates the illusion of hips. For larger girls with a tummy or gut, the high cut waist also help to conceal this. Again see how Heidi lifts the whole appearance with one or two strategically placed accessories like a necklace, stretch rings and the stretch Thick Fashion Bracelet.  


Follow Heidi's lead and don't make it complicated when you are dressing - a simple classic dress to fit your body type is a good basis. Then all you need to do is add the appropriate accessories to accent your outfit. Remember to get the basics right too; simple body-shaping solutions like breast forms and padded panties for most will provide all the foundations for the feminine shape you desire. For those needing a little narrowing in the waist then a plain steel boned corset will give you the ideal hourglass figure.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Most Common Breast Form Questions from Crossdressers

Here at we spend a lot of time on the phone and email answering customer and potential customer queries regarding products and their suitability as a solution. Many of these questions are about breast forms, one of the staples of many crossdressers. Since many of the same questions are repeated on a daily basis we thought we would publish the most common one’s along with our answers to help those in the midst of doing their research. From the subject of sizeing, to sleeping in forms to reasons for the wide range in prices we’ll cover it here:

Question: “Why is there such a large range in breast form prices?”
There are a number of factors at play here but mainly it is due to the manufacturing country of origin and also if it is a specialist prosthesis or a mass-produced silicone form. Many of the breast forms you will see on sale all over the internet these days are the cheaper Chinese silicone one’s. Though no where near as soft or durable as a pair of German or U.S. silicone forms it’s hard to argue with prices like the Wider Full Teardrop breast forms starting from $19.95 a pair; especially if you are an occasional dresser or someone on a budget. Super-soft silicone forms from Germany will attract a premium as they are much more accurate in terms of color, weight and sizing as they are made to strict mastectomy standards. No matter what you hear – Chinese forms are not made in mastectomy labs. Products like the Real Breast are high-end prosthetics starting at $750 and are by far the best visually of anything on the market. These are a specialist prosthetic hence the ticket price!

Question: “Can I sleep in my breast forms?”
All manufacturers of traditional gel-silicone breast forms will say no. Gel-silicone forms are soft gel protected by an outer PU plastic skin-like shell which has a seam running all the way around the perimeter. Too much pressure on the form like lying on the form will over time weaken the seam and lead to a puncture or burst. We know many customers that do sleep in their forms – they just make sure they sleep on their back or side so weight is not transferred onto the forms. However many crossdressers will use silicone forms for daytime wear and have a second pair of sleep forms in foam or a pair of specialist one’s like Pals Breast Forms that are intended to be slept in.

Question: “Can I fix my silicone-gel breast form if it gets a puncture?”
If you have a large gash in the form then probably no, but most breaches are just a small puncture from a sharp edge like a piece of jewelry. Just be sure to place forms back in their box after use to minimize chance of accidental damage when not in use. Also, put breast forms on before dressing in jewelry or false nails to reduce the chance of damage. There are 2 solutions we know that work well for such repairs: one is very thin yet strong Tegaderm sheets that is great for patching and can be purchased at many pharmacists. The other is a liquid clear silicone adhesive sealant available at automotive supply stores called Permatex. Read our longer article on Silicone Breast Form Repair Tips for instructions on how to use these products on your breast forms.

Question: “Will the use of adhesives damage my breast forms?”
If you use medically approved adhesives and removers, follow the easy application and removal instructions then no. send instructions with every pair of breast forms. These tell you the correct way to care for them and how to use adhesives and remover. You must use medical adhesive like Hollister Adhesive in the spray can, intended for use with such a prosthetic and the skin for 2 reasons: firstly, they will not damage the breast form and secondly they will not harm your skin.  If you are heavy-handed with the breast when removing you can damage the forms; always peel away from the skin slowly holding the form close to the skin to reduce pulling on the form. Treat a breast form as though it was a delicate part of your body and you will have no problems.

Question: “Which bras do you recommend for use with breast forms?”
For silicone breast forms we recommend our sheer pocket‘Jiggle’ bras that have been made to hold the forms in place securely, create the illusion of the forms being part of the body and allow for movement/jiggle as you move. Otherwise you should use a regular underwire bra to secure the forms to the chest as well as possible. Some folk attach a piece of 2 sided breast form adhesive tape to the top of the form so it stays in place if you bend forward. Bear in mind if you use larger cup forms you may well need a fuller cup bra and one with wider shoulder straps. Also, stay clear of padded bras when using forms as it then throws off the sizing and fit.

Those are the most common breast form related questions we are asked. We do of course receive many more relating to sizing, recommended shape, our own personal favorite’s etc . Many answers are on the website and in the LearningCenter section of the website but feel free to call us on 1-888 721 8688 seven days a week if you have questions we can help you with.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Hiding Male Eyebrows for Cross Dressers

Having nicely shaped eyebrows is key to looking feminine. Eyebrows have a weird way of completely changing your face. Some men are lucky enough to have nice thin eyebrows but most have bushy ones that either need to be tamed or covered up. Since you don't want to look completely feminine when in guy mode you may feel more comfortable hiding them rather than plucking. Concealing your eyebrows allows for the perfect template to create your ideal feminine eyebrows. Using the Modeling Putty/Wax Kit makes this process a million times easier. I am going to teach you a simple way to do just that below.

What you need: 

- Modeling Putty/Wax
- Concealer & foundation wedge
- Eyebrow brush
- Eyebrow pencil/powder 

1. Apply a small amount of putty wax to your eye brow and smooth with your eyebrow brush in the direction in which your hair grows. Smooth down the wax so there are no clumps. 
2. Apply the Fixative A over your eye brow. This will help to seal and dry the area.Wait a few minutes to allow it to dry
3. Dab on concealer with foundation sponge to cover the eyebrow so it is no longer visible. You may need to do this a few times before your eyebrow completely disappears. You can also apply some loose powder to help conceal. 
4. Now that your eyebrow is concealed you can draw on your new ones.

Drawing on two of the same eyebrows can be very difficult. It is hard enough to perfect the arch of the eyebrow but then getting them to look identical is a whole other challenge. 

If this is something you struggle with or don't want to be bothered with then try the Affordable Eyebrow Kit. This kit comes with 3 stencils, eyebrow powder, and an eyebrow brush, which makes it much easier to draw in your eyebrows. 

Hopefully this eyebrow tutorial provided you with some of the information and tools that are out there to make your life a whole lot easier. Remember there are so many different eyebrow shapes so if you choose to draw your own and prefer not to use a stencil then make sure to check back in with us next week for the next tutorial on how to choose an eye brow shape for your face. It is important that your eyebrows compliment your face shape to give you the ultimate feminine look. 

What is your trick to getting those perfect feminine eyebrows? Leave a comment below! 

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Creating Cleavage for Cross Dressers

 Everyone likes to show off some cleavage now and again. There are many ways to do this, but below are a few of the most popular and safest ways to do so. All of these ways are very simple and require little effort. The best part about creating cleavage with these methods is you get the feeling of having breasts without actually having to wear breast forms, which can be very nice.

Busty Bra:
This is an under bra that sits below the pectorals and pushes the breasts up. The velcro is then used to tighten the bra, creating more prominent cleavage. It is a very popular method and is extremely simple to use. The busty bra is much safer and more effective than using tape.

Silicone Enhancer:
These are great to create volume in the bust area as well as cleavage. To create cleavage you want to first put on a bra and then place one enhancer on each side of your chest. The enhancer should be placed on the lower, outer side of your chest, inside the cup of your bra. This will create a fold in the middle of your chest, creating your cleavage.

This is a silicone backless bra with built in adhesive that sticks to your chest and clasps in the front creating realistic cleavage in seconds.

1. To create cleavage with this you need unclasp the bra so each cup is separate.
2. Place each cup on the outer section of your chest.

3. Push both cups together, creating a fold (cleavage) in the middle of the chest & clasp bra shut.

Now that you have your Q-bra Cleavage Creator on you can either add on another q-bra to create a breast and then put on your bra or put on a bra and add silicone breast forms on top of the Q-bra.

 Apply Makeup:
Whichever way you choose to create your cleavage you can enhance your look with some makeup.

1. Put on your cleavage creator, bra and blouse so that your cleavage does not change after you apply the makeup.

2. Apply a brown blush or a bronzer that is not too shimmery to the middle of your chest where the cleavage is formed and blend in an upward motion along your breast creating a V shape.

3. Use a white face powder or eye shadow to highlight the top part of your breast. Blend two colors together.

All of these cleavage creators can be found at If you find yourself struggling with any of these methods feel free to contact us and would be more than happy to help you.
What is your favorite cleavage creating method?