Thursday, June 4, 2015

Creating Cleavage for Cross Dressers

 Everyone likes to show off some cleavage now and again. There are many ways to do this, but below are a few of the most popular and safest ways to do so. All of these ways are very simple and require little effort. The best part about creating cleavage with these methods is you get the feeling of having breasts without actually having to wear breast forms, which can be very nice.

Busty Bra:
This is an under bra that sits below the pectorals and pushes the breasts up. The velcro is then used to tighten the bra, creating more prominent cleavage. It is a very popular method and is extremely simple to use. The busty bra is much safer and more effective than using tape.

Silicone Enhancer:
These are great to create volume in the bust area as well as cleavage. To create cleavage you want to first put on a bra and then place one enhancer on each side of your chest. The enhancer should be placed on the lower, outer side of your chest, inside the cup of your bra. This will create a fold in the middle of your chest, creating your cleavage.

This is a silicone backless bra with built in adhesive that sticks to your chest and clasps in the front creating realistic cleavage in seconds.

1. To create cleavage with this you need unclasp the bra so each cup is separate.
2. Place each cup on the outer section of your chest.

3. Push both cups together, creating a fold (cleavage) in the middle of the chest & clasp bra shut.

Now that you have your Q-bra Cleavage Creator on you can either add on another q-bra to create a breast and then put on your bra or put on a bra and add silicone breast forms on top of the Q-bra.

 Apply Makeup:
Whichever way you choose to create your cleavage you can enhance your look with some makeup.

1. Put on your cleavage creator, bra and blouse so that your cleavage does not change after you apply the makeup.

2. Apply a brown blush or a bronzer that is not too shimmery to the middle of your chest where the cleavage is formed and blend in an upward motion along your breast creating a V shape.

3. Use a white face powder or eye shadow to highlight the top part of your breast. Blend two colors together.

All of these cleavage creators can be found at If you find yourself struggling with any of these methods feel free to contact us and would be more than happy to help you.
What is your favorite cleavage creating method? 

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