Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Crossdresser icon Heidi does Dresses

Long time friend of and past winner of the Glamour Girl Contest Heidi Phox is admired by many. We have had many customers believe Heidi is a genetic girl but we can state for the record that is not the case. So how come she makes it all look so easy and effortless? Does she have a 'go to' dress, accessories or box of tricks she has to use every-time she dresses to get that effect? We thought we'd send Heidi a box of goodies and see what she was able to come up with. 

We mailed Heidi a few dresses, some shoes and accessories and merely asked she send us back some stills and some video clips to show our viewers how easy it is to put together an easy evening outfit. We left it up to Heidi to choose the outfit and to match with whatever shoes or accessories she deemed appropriate. A few days later and we receive the first results - wow! One of the new girls in the office was adamant Heidi is a real girl and only relented when I showed a picture of her attaching a cleavage creator we had sent. Check out Heidi in our recent addition the Tight Fit Burgandy Dress:

The High neckline and long sleeves are perfect for concealment although the semi-sheer material used keeps you nice and cool on those long summer evenings. The lycra mix material allows enough stretch in the bust area for even DDD's if needed and yet the thinner cut through the hip gives the perfect feminizing silhouette. See how Heidi effortlessly adds one or two key accessories and we love her choice of the 421 Juliet Shoes - a 4" stiletto sandal with a 'hidden platform' making them easy to walk in.

We were so happy Heidi also chose the classic Little Black Dress. But how do you turn a simple LBD into a stunning outfit that turns heads? Easy if you have the Heidi know-how; simplicity always seems the key with Heidi. Here she wears our cushioned 4.5" Stiletto Heel T-Strap Sandals and accessorizes with one of our simple rhinestone crystal necklaces and our top-selling Dazzle rhinestone crystal clip on earrings. 

Next Heidi chose to model the dress with a higher 'Empire Waist' with the flared skirt which can help crossdressers for different reasons. For slender girls the flared skirt portion of the Tailored Burgandy Dress creates the illusion of hips. For larger girls with a tummy or gut, the high cut waist also help to conceal this. Again see how Heidi lifts the whole appearance with one or two strategically placed accessories like a necklace, stretch rings and the stretch Thick Fashion Bracelet.  


Follow Heidi's lead and don't make it complicated when you are dressing - a simple classic dress to fit your body type is a good basis. Then all you need to do is add the appropriate accessories to accent your outfit. Remember to get the basics right too; simple body-shaping solutions like breast forms and padded panties for most will provide all the foundations for the feminine shape you desire. For those needing a little narrowing in the waist then a plain steel boned corset will give you the ideal hourglass figure.

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  1. Heidi is fem-tastic and a great model and friend. One of your best layouts EVER!!! Glad Heidi could be your subject as she is perfect in everything she wears and does. What a great representative. Love, Carollyn

    1. So happy you enjoyed it! Thank you for the kind words Carollyn

  2. What breast forms r u wearing?

    1. Wearing the Perfectly Perky Ovals that come with the free sheer pocket bra:

  3. She is so absolutely gorgeous! Wish I could look that way.