Friday, July 24, 2015

4 Quick Tips to Feminine Looking Hands for Cross Dressers

Feminizing your hands is either something you struggle with constantly or you don't even think about. Either way, it is an important step in completing your female look. You can be dressed from head to toe in the sexiest outfit with the best makeup job, but if you have manly looking hands this will be a dead giveaway! There are a few things you can do to avoid this and make your hands look a little more feminine.

1. Groom your Nails

Whether you are going to put on false nails or not you first want to make sure they are properly groomed. Start by soaking your hands in some warm soapy water. Then take a nail brush and clean under your finger nails. Next you want to clip your finger nails, but make sure that you are not cutting them too short!! Once your nails are clipped, you should file them with a nail filer so there are no jagged edges. If you have really thick cuticles then invest in a cuticle cutter and remove your cuticles after soaking.

If you choose to apply false nails but have trouble finding ones that fit your hands, try extra large nail tips for bigger hands. Wearing false nails is not only more feminine looking but also will help make your hands appear smaller.

2. Shave or Wax

If your hands are very hairy then you need to remove the hair. Waxing is going to be the best way to do this so there is no stubble. They have homemade waxing kits, which you can find at your local pharmacy. This is not as painful as you think it is, just make sure you do small strips at a time. If you prefer to shave, then just make sure you are using shaving cream and a good razor. You want to avoid any cuts or knicks so having a brand new razor is very important.

3. Moisturize

Once your nails are well groomed you want to moisturize your hands. This is something you should be doing everyday, but if you don't have the time or forget then try to soak them in a moisturizer before going out. They make gloves for this, where you can put on moisturizer and the terry cloth gloves and soak your hands for 20 minutes. This will help your hands become nice and soft.

4. Larger Accessories

Now that your hands are well groomed you want to add some larger accessories to make your hands appear smaller. Try some pretty stretch rings and bangle cuffs as these are made to fit your larger hands while at the same time will work to make your hands appear smaller because they are larger accessories. If it is the winter, you can wear a flair sleeve that will cover half of your hand, making it much easier to add on a few stretch rings- completing your feminine look!

I hope these 4 tips helped your hands become a little more feminine! Remember to moisturize your hands after every time you wash them. Washing our hands too much causes them to become very dry, so keeping some lotion by your sink is a good way to remind yourself to moisturize after every wash.

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