Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A Cross Dresser's Quick Guide to Women's Shoes

Are you a 'shoe whore' with a closet full of wedges, stilettos, and even thigh length boots or do you have just a single pair of shoes that has to cover all dressing occasions? Are you new to dressing and bamboozled by all the choices before you. Well, if you don't know your Christian Louboutin's stiletto's from your Chanel pumps here's a quick breakdown of the most popular styles of ladies shoes. 

There are of course many more but these are the most common styles we are asked about. Do bear in mind that there are many variations within each different style; for example, a Mary Jane can be a flat, it can have a 3" block heel and it can even come in a platform version.

When shopping for shoes the quick terminology will help you find what you are looking for whether you are shopping in person at the local stores in your mall or online at your favorite crossdressing store when looking for those larger sizes.

If you are a novice to ladies shoes do yourself and your 'piggies' a favor and start with no more than a 3" heel. That way you will not only achieve some nice feminine calf definition with the elevated height but you will also be able to walk quite comfortably. If starting out there is a big difference between a 3 and a 4 inch heel. Remember also that if you do want to have high heels of 5" plus that if you find shoes with some platform on the sole it will make walking much easier than just a flat soled stiletto, for example.

Make sure you know your size in ladies shoes which will also save time and make sure you find the right fitting shoe every time. GlamourBoutique.com's ladies shoes tend to run to the following conversion for men: for closed toe shoes go up 2 sizes from your male shoe and for open-toes go up 1.5 sizes from your male size to get the correct ladies shoe size.

If you need any assistance gauging fit or style for shoes or simply would like an opinion on what may be right for your outfit then feel free to contact us via the website. Go to our Learning Center for more articles on shoes, walking in high heels and other advice for crossdressers.

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